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Black Professional Athletes And Their Wives

Contrary to popular belief, most black professional athletes marry black women. Keep clicking for a look at some ballers and their brown-girl boothangs.
Here are 22 black athletes and their brides.


LeBron and Savannah James

These two have been together since their high school days and have recently returned to Ohio to piss everyone off at the reunion. You mad?



Derek and Candace Fisher.

After winning five titles in LA where Derek played as a Laker, this power couple is taking it to New York where Derek will try to turn around the raggedy Knicks as the new head coach.

Dwyane Wade.

Although he’s technically not married right this second, D.Wade and his misspelled name was married to  Siohvaughn Funches and is now in a highly advertised engagement to Gabriel Union. Not even his break baby could keep him away from some brown-skin boo-lovin.



Donovan and Roxie McNabb.  

Even though Donovan never got a ring on the football field, he put a ring on his college sweetheart Roxie and they’re still balling out for charity as philanthropic man and wife.

Syracuse University


Jimmy and Johari Rollins.

The Philadelphia Phillies shortstop  been catching her love in his fielder’s glove for years. They made it official back in 2010.

Amar’e and Alexis Stourdemire

Another couple that’s been trying to make it work since high school, these two share four children. After that weird sidebar with Ciara, Amar’e and Alexis tied the knot in 2013.



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Dirk Nowitzki and Jessica Olsson.

These swirling sweethearts got hitched in a traditional Kenyan ceremony and welcomed a baby daughter last year.

Caron and Andrea Butler.

Truly the tall and the short of it, Caron stands at 6’7 while Andrea is just shy of 5 feet tall at 4’11. While the height difference may be drastic these two have been a perfect match since their college days at UConn. Married since 2005, the couple has held it down together on 8 different NBA teams.


Chris and Jada Paul.

Yet another set of college sweethearts, these country loves got married in their home state of North Carolina in 2011.


Thaddeus and Shekinah Young

These high school sweethearts went their separate ways and realized they needed that old thing back. Reunited, the couple married in 2012.



Michael and Kijafa Vick .

Both from rough neighborhoods, he from Newport News  and she from North Philly, these 2 met while attending separate colleges in Virginia. Kijafa stood by her man through a 2-year jail bid for dog-fighting. Vick wed his ride or die chick in 2012.





Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha

This couple keeps their business under wraps but they give us a sneak peek at them winning just to keep it interesting. The NFL baller and Scandal actress tied the knot last year. Let’s hope they keep the drama on her TV show.





Robert and Brandi Mathis

This linebacker ran into trouble lately for using banned substances that he claims were part of a fertility treatment the happy couple was undergoing. Looks like the dope worked. The two welcomed a new daughter recently.


Eddie and Taj George

Some say we can blame Taj for all this Baller Wives reality TV mess since she was a pioneer with  her “I Married  a Baller” show with Eddie back in the day. This singing and sports collabo is still going strong which is more than we can say for a lot of these other reality couples.




CC and Amber Sabathia

This Yankees pitcher also met his boo back in high school. The couple later got married in a courthouse ceremony while Amber was in college. Now the two pop tags on the daily in NYC with their four children





David and Lesley West

This NBA forward met his woman in college as well and the two jumped the broom in 2003.



Pacman and Tishanna Jones

NFL bad boy Pacman Jones showed his romantic side when he married his babymama earlier this year in Atlanta


Ray and Janay Rice

This troubled couple made headlines when video surfaced of Rice dragging Janay, unconscious, out of an elevator after allegedly knocking her out cold. The two went on to marry and give public apologies for their roles in that unfortunate night. Hopefully Rice is getting the help he needs for abusive outbursts and that sort of thing never goes down between them again.



Orlando and Keisa Hudson

This Major League Baseballer met his woman in Knoxville, Tennessee. The two went on to marry in 2008 and share in all types of giving back activities as a unit.


Torii and Katrina Hunter

This Detroit Tiger met his lady in high school and has been married to her for over 18 years. Their kids are off to college so these two are ready to turn up!




Darren and Michel Sproles

Michel made waves last Spring when she blasted her husband’s team on Instagram for being shady with the trading. The running back went on to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles and this tough loving couple is riding out into the sunset.




Tyson and Kimberly Chandler

The super-tall couple’s been stunting on folks for years. Featured in the New York Times and Vogue for their fashion choices and socialite ways, this black couple is unbothered.




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