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The Ugliest NBA Players Of All Time

NBA Players may have money, but money doesn’t make everything right. Money can’t cure hurt facedness and these ballers have that in spades. Don’t feel bad, though. They’ve all embraced their mean mugs to the fullest. So laugh with a clear conscious.

Olden Polynice -Los Angeles-WENN

Olden Polynice


Tyrone Hill


Popeye Jones


Eric Williams


Gheorghe Muresan

Sam Cassell-Los Angeles-WENN

Sam Cassell

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Greg Oden-United States-WENN

Greg Oden


Shelden Williams


Adam Morrison


Calvin Booth

D.J. Mbenga-WENN

D.J. Mbenga


Nick Van Exel


Yao Ming


Latrell Sprewell

Dennis Rodman-Hollywood-WENN

Dennis Rodman


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