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It’s more than just kush and Hennessy that is causing Joseline Hernandez’s erratic behavior a source close to the “Love & Hip-Hop ATL” star tells BOSSIP.

Source Says Joseline Hernandez Needs Rehab

VH1 is set to air their “most explosive” reunion special ever tonight, but a source close to the show has voiced some serious concerns to BOSSIP about catch fade queen Joseline Hernandez, who is rumored to have battered several other women from LHHATL during this year’s reunion special.

“They need to send her a$$ to rehab!” a source close to the show, who asked to remain anonymous, told BOSSIP. “Having her film anything else just says to Tammy, Althea and Mimi that it’s okay for her to put hands on them. She doesn’t get to act up just because she’s been tootin’!”

The source told BOSSIP they have personally witnessed Joseline abuse yayo on “several occasions.”

“She’s done it in front of me,” the source confirmed, but denied knowing whether or not Joseline has been abusing the drug on the set of the hit show.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she called her connect to get right before shooting scenes, but that set is closed once the cameras start rolling and no one can come on set.”

Still the source echoed Benzino and Momma Dee’s fears for Stevie’s life.

“I’m definitely concerned she might take it too far and kill him,” the source said. “Not necessarily on purpose, but Joseline is uncontrollable when she’s high. Who knows what might trigger her to pick up a weapon and use it.”

Besides the alleged threat Joseline poses to “husband” Stevie J, our source also voiced concerns about Joseline’s wellbeing, blaming LHHATL executive producer Mona Scott Young for “creating a monster.”

“She needs help and if Mona [Scott Young] wanted to do the decent thing she would require her to go to rehab before doing any more filming,” the source told BOSSIP. “Mona created that monster.”

Do you agree that Mona Scott Young and the producers of “Love & Hip-Hop ATL” are responsible for Joseline’s addiction and behavioral problems? Should Joseline be fired if she doesn’t seek rehabilitation for her drug and anger issues?

In case you need a reminder, peep the video of her in the studio, possibly under the influence:

And for a description of her alleged acts of violence on the LHHATL reunion show listen below:


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