Happy Matrimony-dom: 13 Reasons Married People Are Winning At Life

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13 Reasons Married People Are Winning

So often, people like to act like being married is the worst thing ever. Like their lives are over for being committed. But have no fear, marriage is awesome. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these ways that married people are winning.

1. Get Laid More Often – It’s proven that married people get it in more often than single people.

2. You Don’t Have To Worry About STDs – Well, if you’re faithful. You’re going to be faithful, right?

3. Help With Bills – You ever wish you could get someone to help pay your bills? They’re called spouses. Get one!

4. No First Dates – First dates are the worst. They don’t happen in marriage.

5. You Can Plan Your Future – You can start planning for all sorts of cool things like buying your house together and making babies without freaking out too much.

6. You Get A Tax Break – That’s not terribly romantic, but it’s a win dammit.

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    7. You Don’t Have To Worry About If You’re Liked – You know how you obsess over if the person you’re with likes you and have to read all those awkward signs? Not in marriage because there’s a big fat rock that says “I definitely like you.”

    8. You Get To Look Terrible – You tired to having to always get pretty for your boo? Well when you’re married you get to just roll over and get it in whenever you want.

    9. Happy Days – Husbands are less likely to be depressed than single men.

    10. Longer Life – Married people have longer mortality rates than single people.

    11. Stress Free – Married people are more stress free than single people.

    12. No More “Awkward First Time” – You get to know each other and what the other person likes, plus you’re so comfortable that nothing’s too awkward.

    13. Did We Mention That Sex Is Better? – DID WE?!

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