Freaky Tales: The Craziest Celebrity Fetishes You Never Knew About

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The Craziest Celebrity Fetishes You Never Knew About

You’re a freak. Admit it. But are you this freaky? These celebrities have some wild fetishes they don’t really like to share. But we know them…take a look and maybe you’ll want to try something new.

Kristen Stewart – She has said she likes licking her man’s underarms.

Eva Longoria – She’s been a proponent of getting tied up with silk. Get it.

Angelina Jolie – She was on “Inside The Actor’s Studio” talking about how she likes to bleed and get cut. That’s not the safest thing ever.

Justin Timberlake – Allegedly he likes to have quickies with Jessica during his concerts.

Chris Brown – He likes to chew on rumps. That’s as detailed as we’re going to get.

Kevin Gates – His name might as well be Romaine.

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    Ricky Martin – He’s admitted to being a golden shower fan…

    R. Kelly – Depending on who you believe, he allegedly likes to relieve himself on the ladies too.

    Jada Pinkett – She said she and Will like to get it in at their friends’ houses in bathrooms and stuff.

    Richard Gere – The popular rumor is that he likes “gerbelling.” Google it.

    Carmen Elektra – She likes getting tied up and whipped with coat hangers.

    Shaq – The woman who accused him of stalking her said he liked to, um, please her on her period.

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