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Who knew rap music was a crime?

It’s no secret that the rich, successful, and majority black hip-hop community enjoys the special privilege of being under constant surveillance by the NYPD’s “hip-hop cops”. These plain clothes officers are purported to be in place to ensure that murders like those of Biggie and Tupac never happen again.

That said, many over the years have questioned whether or not the clandestine cops’ really follow police protocol when it comes to their “investigations”. Rappers already don’t trust the fuzz, much less these type of officers.

Flip the page to see a short list of rappers that are currently under the watchful eye of the law, and a few that probably should be…

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Because he’s SUPER gangsta…

French Montana

They’re probably keeping up with the Kardashian too.

Chris Brown

Ok, he’s not a “rapper” per se, but his faux thug clique is said to be down with the gang guys who rock red.

Jim Jones

If you’ve watched his stint on reality TV then you already know Jimmy is a hot-head. His blood gang affiliation gives cops even more reason to check up on ’em.


F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S has known ties to the infamous Black Mafia Family (BMF), no WAY cops are gonna let him just walk around unsupervised.


CLEARLY, the cops are watching the Snowman. SMH.

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Fat Joe

Fat Joe’s clique of goons is called “Terror Squad” which includes a man named K.A.R. which is an acronym for “Kill All Rats”, so yes, the police are watching them.

Lil Wayne

Police will forever be on the trail of YMCMB rapper. He’s a self-proclaimed gang member, has served time in NY for gun possession, and has famously touted his disdain for NYC.

Wiz Khalifa

Normally we’d say the only police who should be watching Wiz are the fashion police, but after a man was recently murdered backstage at one of his concerts, the cops will DEFINITELY be keeping an eye on Cameron.

Rick Ross

After his well-publicized beef with Jeezy AND 50 Cent, you gotta think the “rap squad” isn’t letting Mr. William Roberts stray too far from their line-of-sight.

50 Cent

That first pitch he threw at the Mets game might have been Curtis’ most heinous crime to date, but the 9 shots he survived and volatile beefs he’s amassed with other rappers will keep a detective or two on his detail.

Jay Z

Sure, Jiggaman hasn’t pitched ‘cane in almost 20 years, but he DID stab a music industry peer back in 2001. Yup, that’ll do it.

Kanye West

With all the time he spends making leather jogging pants, Kanye doesn’t have time for crime. Besides, police departments aren’t sending cops to Paris. HOWEVER, beating up paparazzi and racist jerks is all the “probably cause” these cops need.


Sike, naw. We know the cops aren’t watching Marshall. He’s white.



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