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“The Stevie thing doesn’t bother me…”

Benzino Says He Doesn’t Care About Althea’s Past

Remember when Stevie J exposed Benzino’s fiancee for giving him sloppy toppy and letting him smash in BENZINO’S HOUSE???? Wellllll, Zino wants everyone to know that he’s not bothered by that especially since he’s been doing his thing with several celebs.


RollingOut reports:

You better make sure your s—’s clean, because it’s coming up and it’s a dirty game. You’ll have to sit and explain it to everybody then,” Benzino feels. “I could’ve denied it. But relationships are more than just sex. But there are so many other things that you have to connect on that have nothing to do with sex. You should give it an opportunity. Say, I was like ‘Oh, the Stevie thing happened and we wouldn’t have gotten together.”

“I think that’s true love,” says Althea. “When you’re getting through obstacles, it’s like you’re going through the worst to be happy and to be with that person. That’s like the test — to see if you really love that person.”

like it bothers everybody else,” Benzino claims. “I’ve got a list of women … I don’t know if it’s good. My past has been brought up, as far as women in the industry. I’ve been with celebrities. ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ is about women … but it’s the same thing. I can’t too much remember what happens two weeks ago or a month ago or whatever.”


Althea also had this to say about the all the chitchatter about her sex life….

I am new, so a lot of people don’t know that I have my own business or that I had a deal before,” she says. “They assume that I’m just with Benzino, after his money. But, like I said, that was a bad situation [with Stevie]. Right after it happened, I realized … that I’d made a mistake.”

She admits that there is some discomfort with how fans have perceived her on the show.

“It’s just general stuff to call a girl ‘a h-,’ you’re not even getting to know me,” Althea continues. “In one hour — not even an hour — you’re just forming an opinion. Moving along, you’ll see other things. I think it comes with the territory that you’re going to get judged first. All of the bad things will come out first.”

The two also revealed that they plan to wed soon and want a “crazy party” for their reception.

We’re engaged,” Althea starts, before Benzino enthusiastically interjects. “We plan on getting married and I want to have a big wedding and invite everybody and thousands of people to the reception. Just a crazy party. I want to have a barefoot wedding.”

“I don’t want a barefoot wedding,” counters Althea.

Hmmmm… what do YOU think about Benzino shaking off his fiancee’s past smash sessions with his ex-bestie???? Would you be able to do it????

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