Dropped: A Gallery Of TV Show Cast Members Who Got Replaced

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A Gallery Of TV Show Cast Members Who Got Replaced

We get attached to TV shows so much that when cast members change we get all worked up over it. These TV shows changed cast members in the middle of their show runs. Did they work out or were they disasters?

Daario Naharis – Game Of Thrones – Naharis was played by Ed Skrein and got replaced by Michael Huisman between seasons 3 and four.

Danny Tanner – Full House – We all know Bob Saget as the main dad on Full House, but the pilot featured John Posey as the Danny but he was replaced.

Aunt Viv – Fresh Prince – We all know the story of the original Aunt Viv getting replaced by a lighter-skinned version.

Spin City – When Michael J. Fox alerted the cast that he had Parkinsons, he was replaced by Charlie Sheen.

The Price Is Right – Drew Carey replaced long-time host Bob Barker…but we love Bob!

Beverly Hills 90210 – Shannen Doherty was the big star of the show but she left and was replaced by Tiffani Thiessen and the show stayed around for six years.

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    The Daily Show – Jon Stewart replaced Craig Kilborn and took the show to new heights.

    Designing Women – Delta Burke, the star of the show, got replaced by Julia Duffy for being too chunky. But Duffy couldn’t cut the mustard.

    The View – They’re always moving cast members around. Only Barbara Walters has been around from jump.

    Regis & Kelly – Regis and Kathy Lee are gone now…how do you like it?

    Two and a Half Men – And we all know about Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen after the latter’s meltdown.

    Charmed – The show had Shannen Doherty for its first three seasons but she was replaced by Rose McGowan.

    Family Matters – Halfway through the final season, Harriet was replaced by a fake Harriet that ruined the fabric of America.

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