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Seasons are changing and if you’re like most of us, you have at least one ex that just keeps randomly texting you. They may not do it all the time, but they do it.

Why Your Ex Is Still TextingYou

Maybe it’s to wish you a Happy Birthday, maybe it’s in response to something you posted it online, or maybe Love Jones is on BET and they’re just feeling some kind of way about it.

Here are 15 reasons why your ex is typing in that box.


They want to have sex.

Perhaps your ex knows that nobody can quite put their foot in it on the freak tip like you could. They might be looking to see if they can smash a few more times with no strings attached.


You Owe Them Money. When you got mad and stormed out the apartment for the last time, you still had to pay your part of the gas bill. Your ex may be calling to collect.



To show-off. Your ex might just be dropping you a line to let you know that their life is better than yours. They done came up since you been gone.



They’re pregnant.  Fellas you may be the daddy, you may not be, but sometimes your ex just wants you to know they’re knocked up.

They’re bored. They literally have nothing else to do. It’s either text you or go another round on Candy Crush.





Their new piece is getting on their nerves. Sitting across the table from their annoying  boo is making them remember the good times with you. Not enough to get back together, just enough to text and pass the time.



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They’re drunk. You can always count on an ex for a good old tipsy text. Turn up!

They got some bad news. You always were a good listener. Your ex may be going through a rough patch and just wants some attention from someone who loves them. Don’t get too hyped. This too shall pass.


You’re getting married. You know how it is, as soon as you’re off the market, here comes your exes out of the woodwork trying to speak up. Sorry homie, that ship has sailed.

They’re getting married.  They’ve found “the one” and have set a date but for some reason they keep on texting you. It’s not because you’re the one that got away. They just want to rub it in.


They’re nosy. They just can’t resist being in your business. They keep in touch through text just to know what you’ve got going on (in case it’s anything juicy). They don’t want to reconnect, they just want to be in the know.



They’re lonely. There’s only so much SportsCenter a guy can watch. He’s tired of the stats. He’s looking for a distraction to stroke his ego.


They’re depressed. They figure things can’t get much worse as it is. They might as well text you.


You respond. You’re the one person they know will always text them right back regardless of what they do, so they hit you up. You’re old faithful.


Are you hoping that your ex texting you means they miss you and want to come back? Most times this just simply isn’t the case. Aren’t they your ex for a reason anyway? Fire up Twitter and hop in somebody else’s DMs. Cuffing season is fast approaching.





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