MiMi Is Too Rich To Celebrate Earth Day

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Mariah Scary doesn’t do the green thing and we don’t mean spending money.

Mariah Carey is the “least green” celebrity, according to a new Earth Day poll, for flying her personal trainer in from St. Barts. “People saw that as an extravagance rather than a necessity and the consequences for the planet probably don’t justify it,” said Jonathon Morgan, editor-in-chief of GreenDaily.com. John Travolta, a licensed pilot, flew into second place because of his fleet of private jets. The greenest celebs were Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Ed Begley Jr., Brad Pitt and Prince Charles.

She also received the number one spot for her fleets of black SUV’s and depleting the planet of young, tender gigolos before they reach maturity.


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  • Hannibal



  • My Love is Like...........

    What EVER MIMI…………. Thrid

  • me (the original)®

    >>She also received the number one spot for her fleets of black SUV’s and depleting the planet of young, tender gigolos before they reach maturity.<<


  • http://www.bossip.com McStabber

    The people who comment things like “and…” crack me up. You obviously care if you took the time to log in and comment. lol

  • Eryca K

    I ain’t mad at her ’cause Green Day is all hype.

  • Aunt Viv


  • Aunt Viv

    I think the so-called Green Movement is important, but overload at this point.

  • CattyBitch

    It’s not fair to come down on Mariah and praise these other so-called “green” celebrities. What about that $50 million dollar mansion Oprah has in California? How much do you think it costs to maintain that home, a home she’s probably rarely in. And I doubt Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt and Prince Charles fly Southwest, they take private jets just like Mariah does.

  • http://www.gravatar.com *FATABULOUS*

    she’ll be lovin u long time…..

  • K-mia

    I ain’t mad at her ’cause Green Day is all hype.
    agree 100% Earth will deteriorate one way or another people…its the nature of things

  • http://dicooper.spaces.live.com/ DICooper

    Yeah, people ya’ll should listen to K-mia and I: the world is our toilet.

    So, ahh, K-mia… err… do you like cheese pizza?

  • tg

    She’s doing the same thing that most rich people are doing – what they want – with their money. Just because we have some green stars – find out how many CEO’s are green – then talk to me about Mariah.

  • ty2phine

    This is a bunch of lies. Mariah Carey is always hated on by this site, so nothing that is said is EVER based on FACT. They hate.

    Mariah Carey is actually an incredible person, who actually cares about her fans, just ask them. She signs autographs, she contributes to charties (FRESH AIR FUND), and her songs motivate and the most of the lyrics speak of upbuilding one’s esteem and HOPE.

    take the time you hate on her, and hate on 1/2 of these other singers that don’t have a inch of the talent, class or inner beauty she does.

  • mimifan

    I WISH YOU WELL (lyrics by Mariah Carey).

    This goes out to you and you and you
    You know who you are

    Hmm hmm hmm
    When glory days turn to stormy nights
    You must have been so petrified
    Didn’t you, didn’t you feel so cold
    You against the world in a losing fight
    Captive of your demons inside

    So you sought an enemy
    (I’m not your enemy. He lives in you, you know it’s true)
    Like times before to mock ignorantly
    (But the Lord said love, love your enemy so just…)
    Take heed to the Word it’s time
    Check Proverbs 19:29
    Don’t cry

    I wish you well
    I wish you well
    I wish you well

    I truly wanted solidarity
    Still wearing my blinders back then
    (So much I didn’t see)
    I weep for what I dreamed we all could be
    I’ll keep you in prayer till the end

    Still bruised, still walk on eggshells
    Same frightened child, hide to protect myself
    (Can’t believe I still need to protect myself from you)
    But you can’t manipulate me like before
    Examine first John chapter 4 verse 4

    I wish you well
    I wish you well
    I wish you well

    Be strong in the Lord and power of His might

    If my shows of gratitude are miniscule
    Inside your mind, sorry
    (I’m so sorry, please forgive me)
    There’s only so much I can do I love you and did all that I could

    Maybe when you’re cursing me
    You don’t feel so incomplete
    But we’ve all made mistakes
    Felt the guilt and self-hate

    I know you’ve been there for me plenty
    Maybe still got love for me
    But let him without sin cast the first stone brethren
    But who remains standing then
    Not you not I see Phillipians 4:9
    (Put it into practice and the God of Peace will be with you)

    I wish you well
    I wish you well
    I wish you well

    (He who the Son sets free is free indeed)
    No weapon formed against me shall prosper
    Surely God is my salvation
    I will trust and not be afraid
    The Lord, the Lord is my salvation
    I will trust in Him
    Yes, I know that I know that I know that I know

    But I have had God’s help to this very day
    And so I stand here and testify
    To small and great alike
    So the more you curse me
    The more you’re blessing me
    The Word said it
    Love your enemies

    Do good to those who curse you
    Pray for those who mistreat you
    Psalms 129:2
    They have greatly oppressed me from my youth
    But they have not gained victory over me
    (In Jesus’ name)

    I wish you well

    He that keeps his mind state on the Lord
    He will keep them in perfect peace

  • Darkesthourglass

    I bet there are people out there that actually do only flush the toilet once a day or only when they take a dump. I’ve heard about this. That’s gross and not even worth it.

  • john hope franklin

    so what…this is all bull…

  • Kathy

    Mariah may fly her trainer out but she only flies her out a few times a year @ a few weeks @ a time. If any vegged out brain dead blogger on that site ever took a trip out of the States do they count themselves in too? Just asking. BTW most if not ALL her SUVs R in fact Hybrids. I think the only reason John Travolta wasn’t #1 was because of the tragedy his son passing away a few months back.

  • B.I.N.F.L...


  • 911grl

    Earth Day: Society’s attempt to ONLY slow down the inevitable.

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