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If you’re waiting to see any of these celebs in their birthday suits, you’ll probably be waiting a while…

15 Celebrities Who Will Probably Never Have Private Pictures Leaked

A host of celebrities have recently fallen victim to an iCloud hacking scandal that is continuing to expose the private photos of your favorite Hollywooders one unclothed selfie at a time. However, there are few celebs that some of you thirst buckets might be waiting to see who will probably never have a bare-bodied photo hit the internet.

Whether it’s because they’ve never taken any risque pictures or because they have them locked so air tight that pigs will fly before the public gets a glimpse, it’s highly unlikely that these famous faces will fall victim to any leaks.  Take a look and see if you agree.

Jennifer Lopez
J.Lo has been in the game for quite some time now and although we don’t doubt she’s taken them, we do doubt any eyes that they weren’t intended for will ever get a peek.

Jay Z
Any curious ladies who ever wondered what the Jigga man is working with underneath all that swag and expensive clothing can keep on wondering, cause no one not named Beyonce will be seeing his goods any time soon.

Sanaa Lathan
Sanaa is another actress who has been in the business for quite sometime and she’s so private that she’s barely even admitted to who she’s dated over the course of her career, so we wouldn’t expect to see any leaked photos of her floating around on the internet either.

Eminem is definitely one of those artists who is all about his art and not much for the limelight, so we’d be surprised to see him pop up in something as scandalous as a leaked photo.

Hov probably has Bey’s freaky camera snaps locked up in a safe somewhere on a dessert island that he owns. Sorry fellas.

Michael Ealy
Michael Ealy is another actor who’s not much for foolery when it comes to the limelight. He got married AND had a kid without anyone knowing for months so we doubt his exposed private parts will be the topic of public discussion any time soon.

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Kanye West
Yeezy is as known for his public shenanigans as he is for his music, but this is one publicity stunt that we don’t see anywhere in the near future.  He seems content with leaving the unclothed posing to his Mrs.

Lauren London

The only thing that makes us put Lauren on this list is the fact that she’s been able to keep her son’s identity under tight wraps for 4 years and counting now, which is a rarity.  For that reason, we’d bet she guards all of her other private photos with her life, too.

Morris Chesnut
Morris has been married for quite some time and has yet to be found in the middle of any cheating or side-baby scandals and we doubt his wife would show the world what she gets to come home to every night either. Sorry, ladies.

Kelly Rowland
If Kelly’s private pics haven’t hit the internet yet, we don’t see it happening any time soon.

Nick Cannon
Nick has more than a few women wondering what he’s working with given his impressive list of bed buddies but despite the fact that his looming divorce from Mariah seems to be getting ugly, we’re thinking this would have happened by now……but it hasn’t. So it probably won’t.

Kerry Washington
Not a chance. The only ‘Scandal’ in this chick’s life is on ABC.

Boris Kodjoe
Nicole aint having it. The end.

Alicia Keys
Although A. Keys recently did a semi-nude pregnancy shoot, Swizz probably guards her private pics with his life as well.

Pharrell is not about that life these days. And once upon a time when he probably was, there was no iCloud.



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