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We were kinda wondering how the hell Adele Givens had room to talk about Sheryl Underwood…

Adele Givens Says Sheryl Underwood Lied About Queens Of Comedy Conference Call

Now Adele says that call never took place and the creator of “Queens of Comedy” says Underwood was never up for the job!

According to Humor Mill Magazine:

Last week Thursday during their ‘deepest, darkest secrets week’ where each host of The Talk delivers a dark secret, comedian and host Sheryl Underwood revealed something that she stated she never spoke aloud publicly; Underwood revealed that back in the 1990′s, she was up for a part on The Queens of Comedy tour, (Walter Latham’s female spin-off of The Kings of Comedy) and she stated before she had a chance to accept the role, she overheard three stars of the show talking trash about her on a conference call.

Underwood said Laura Hayes, Adele Givens and Sommore were trash talking her comedic abilities, her appearance and more without realizing she was on the line listening. Underwood stated she later called show creator Latham and told him she didn’t think the part would be the right fit for her. Underwood even stated that she has worked with Hayes and Givens since the incident, but up until now, the three women did not know that she overheard the phone call.

After revealing her secret, Underwood insisted that she’s not angry or upset at her peers over the phone call that she happened upon 20 years ago. “I decided instead of being angry and vengeful, I took the truth and made myself even better,” she said.

At that time, Laura Hayes, Adele Givens and Sommore hadn’t commented on Underwood’s story, until now.

We just had a conversation with Givens about the interview because this morning on The Rickey Smiley Show, Givens was on the show disputing what had happened, and Walter Latham released a statement that was read on air by Smiley. According to the statement read by Latham, Underwood was never even invited by him to become part of the show. According to Givens, Underwood’s statement is a “blatant lie” and as a matter of fact “the conversation never happened because we were never on a conference call together discussing Sheryl”.

This powerful statement was followed by Givens revealing to us that she is in the process of seeking legal representation because she has plans to sue Underwood, CBS and The Talk for defamation of character and anything else that her legal team would advise to her that would apply.

Well somebody is lying. Who do you believe?




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