“Hashtag Bad B**ch, Hashtag First Place” – 14 Hilarious Quotes From Scandal Season 4, Episode 3

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14 Funny Quotes From Scandal Season 4, Episode 3

In case you haven’t heard yet, last night’s episode of ABC’s “Scandal” was full of even more quotables than usual.

From Huck to Quinn to Jake to Abby, the entire cast was at the top of their sarcastic A-Game on episode 3 of the show’s 4th season as they all provided viewers with non-stop laughs to accompany the usual drama, suspense and shock value that keeps the self-proclaimed “Gladiators” on the edge of their seats each week.

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“You’re thirsty but you’re not here for a drink.” – Cyrus’ new sidepiece Michael

“She was the sidechick before she became the main chick.” – Quinn

“Hashtag bad b*tch contest, hashtag first place.” – Huck

“Call me when you want me to do that thing to you.” – Jake to Olivia

“Ethics? You, rigger of elections?!” – Abby to Olivia

“In other words, he’s making it rain.” – Quinn

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    “Is this a booty call?” – Jake to Olivia

    “Madam first lady, is there anything I can do?” *Phone rings multiple times* Mellie: “Uhh, answer my phone?” – Mellie to Abby

    “What, Gabby?!” – Fitz to Abby

    “Do you two seriously not notice that I have been gone for the last 24 hours?” – Quinn to Olivia & Huck

    Charlie: Do you ever feel like that, Robin?” “Quinn: No.”

    “I’ll replace that dry hump in your throat with something a little more satisfying.” – Cyrus’ sidepiece Michael

    “I didn’t come for breakfast. I just came for ‘Hi.'” – Olivia to Rowan

    “You…are used merchandise; damaged goods.” – Charlie to Quinn

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