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Is this the face of a racist???

Did “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s” Nikki Baby Call A Cast Member A Slave?

Although she’s admitted to having a knifed up face and baawdy, did “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s” Nikki get caught making racist remarks on camera? That’s the question that’s being asked now that a nasty rumor has surfaced that she called a cast member a slave.

Via DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing:

During taping for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Nikki Mudarris put her size 12 foot square in her mouth. Mudarris told a Black cast member “You should be my slave”. Don’t believe me.. Ask Ray J’s assistant Morgan Hardman.

An insider is saying Nikki Mudarris called her lawyer immediately asking that he contact Mona Scott Young. Know why? So they could plead for Mona to leave her racist remarks on the cutting room floor.

Insider went on to say that, when her boyfriend Mally Mall heard about her racist remarks, the Hip Hop producer kicked her to the curb.

Here’s the drop:

“Nikki is a racist bit*h and she’s going to get her ass kicked.

Her father owns the strip clubs Seventh Veil and The Body Shop. The Body Shop caught fire in 2008, the listed cause was faulty wiring, but really her pops set it up so he could collect the insurance.”

Whoa, Nikki’s out here calling people slaves?! That’s no doubt a  scandalous story, but is it true????

Hit the flip to find out…

Nope nope nope, not according to Morrocan/Lebanse reality star at least….


Nikki’s released a statement via Instagram on the racist reports.

What do YOU think??? Do you believe her???

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