13 Celebs Who Quit Their Jobs To Raise Kids

Parent Life: 13 Celebrities Who Quit Their Jobs To Raise Their Kids

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13 Celebrities Who Quit Their Jobs To Raise Their Kids

Being a celebrity is a pretty lucrative endeavor. But these people decided to forego their big jobs and raise their kids. Hey, sometimes it’s about the important things in life. You think you’d be able to quit your job to be a stay-at-home parent?

Elizabeth Hurley – She quit Hollywood so that she could raise her kids.

Rick Moranis – He quit to be a stay-at-home dad.

Cary Grant – He stopped as an actor so that he could be a dad. He was 62.

Phoebe Cates – This actress from the 80s quit so should could raise her kids and be with her husband, Kevin Kline.

Meg Ryan – She stepped out of the spotlight to be with her kids through her divorce.

John Hughes – He quit directing so he could be with his kids in the Chicago suburbs.

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Lauryn Hill – She stopped making music partially to take care of her kids. Also just to get away.

David Beckham – He retired from soccer and has been a stay-at-home dad since.

Salma Hayek – For the most part, she stays at home and takes care of her daughter instead of making movies.

Gwyneth Paltrow – She only really does the occasional Marvel movie but otherwise she raises her kids and complains about it.

Angelina Jolie – She says she’s going to retire when her many, many kids hit teenage years.

Josh Duhamel – He’s been on his stay-at-home swag and letting Fergie tour and make music.


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