Internet Broke: Kimmy Cakes Gives Us A Peek At Ye’s Playground In Full-Frontal Snap For PAPER Mag

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“Your tiddays — let ’em out. Free at last.” — Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Poses For Full-Frontal Nude Shot For Paper Magazine

You thought those oiled-up cakes were the end of the story for Kim Kardashian’s mission to #BreakTheInternet? Ha! The queen bee of attention sloring always has a few more tricks up her sleeve (or lack thereof)…

After teasing us with Kim’s bare greased up backs last night, the good folks over at PAPER Mag gave us a taste of Kimmy Cakes’ full-frontal fakery in the latest snaps released from their cover feature on the queen of reality TV. She’s giving us a completely clear view of showing off her glazed-down Nori-feeders and unchained kitty on the pages of the magazine’s winter issue:

Via PaperMag:

The rap on Kim Kardashian is that she has done nothing to merit her fame. But the longer I steep myself in the ambience of her pleasantly languid manner and hologram-perfect looks, the more facile this charge begins to seem. Of course, she has cannily leveraged that fame to build, with her sisters, a beauty-industrial complex, which includes a clothing line, a makeup line, a line of tanning products and seven perfumes.

Yet her perceived lack of accomplishment is also, perhaps, an accomplishment in itself. Kardashian seems to know instinctively that, as Andy Warhol once observed, “When you just see somebody on the street, they can really have an aura. But then when they open their mouth, there goes the aura.” Take the stream of small faux-confidences that she offers during the interview. They reveal very little yet foster a sense of closeness. She tells me that she is “obsessed with apps” but, when I ask her to name one, she replies, “I like all different apps.” Of her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, one of her rare missteps that actually left a footprint, she says: “It’s just one of those life lessons that you have to learn, and it’s OK.” Her behavior suggests that the key to total ubiquity is giving up all of one’s verbal edges and sharp angles (while occasionally tossing out a memorable visual flare: a sex tape, say, or a nude photo shoot).

Read more of this interview that Kimmy uttered all of three sentences for, and see more of her “natural talent” in all it’s fully-frontally-nude glory (for the umpteenth time) after the flip…


“My makeup artist said to me the other day, ‘You haven’t taken a selfie in a while,'” Kardashian says, as the afternoon slides into evening and the light turns magic-hour blue. To remedy this, she posted one of herself in full makeup and a white terrycloth robe, with the literal caption, “It’s been a while since I’ve taken a selfie.” It garnered more than a half-a-million likes. Selfies have been on her mind lately. She is putting together a collection of her oeuvre, called Selfish, to be published by Rizzoli in the spring. She has spent hours sifting through her vast, meticulously organized digital archive. “The book company edited them, and I was like, ‘Wait a minute! There are like 300 here that you’re not adding!'” she says. I remark that I am surprised she can remember and differentiate among a bunch of near-identical photos of her face. She can, she says; she is organizing them chronologically, dating them by what she wore to specific events. “I know what I wore, what accessories I wore, where I was, who I was with,” she tells me. “I remember everything.” Her mind, it seems, traps the minutiae most of us forget. For her, though, it’s not minutiae; it’s her life, and her life is her career.

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