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Nicki puts her bangin’ body to work for the camera and talks The Pink Print, Drake, her family and more

Nicki Minaj Talks “The Pink Print,” Loving Drake, Wanting Babies & More

YMCMB first lady Nicki Minaj is about a month away from the release of her latest album The Pink Print and she recently took her well-endowed talents over to Complex Magazine while making her media rounds.

Gracing the cover of the Complex December issue, Nicki also sat down for an in-depth chat with the magazine where she opened up about everything from feeling guilty over her relationship with her family, loving Drake to death, wanting to have babies, her album and more.

Check out a few interview excerpts below:

via Complex Magazine

On feeling guilty over sacrificing family time in light of her success:
When you’re working and you’re busy and you’re successful, no matter what, something suffers, whether it’s your relationship with your mother, your relationship with your whole family, not being able to go to your brother’s graduation…. Certain things suffer and take the back burner, not because they’re on the back burner in your heart but because the world just moves so quickly. A lot of people, when they’re chasing their dreams, they have to leave people they love. A lot of artists feel that guilt but they don’t express it.

I live in L.A., so when I wake up in the morning, I can’t just run across the street and hug my mother, hug my little brother, kiss my little brother or older brother. I have to get on a six-hour flight to see them, and then, even when I go to New York, I’m lucky if I can see them for a couple hours. I go to New York all the time and I’m so ashamed to say that I could be out there for a few days and not even be able to see my family because of my schedule.

On similarities she sees between herself right now and “Blueprint” -era Jay Z:
I can’t. I have no idea what he was doing before The Blueprint dropped. It’s not that literal. People keep asking me about Jay’s The Blueprint and they think I’m doing something like that. I made reference to The Blueprint because Jay is the biggest rapper of our time. The name of the album was inspired by Jay but not the body of work. I do think that it’s going to create new rules, though, in [the way] that [The Blueprint did].

Nicki also spoke on intending for the “Anaconda” song and video to empower curvy women, Drake’s reaction to getting a lap dance from her in the video and her greatest fear. Hit the flip to read what else she had to say.



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