15 Celebrities Who Got Exiled From Their Families

Awkward Thanksgivings: Celebrities Who Got Alienated From Their Families

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Celebrities Who Got Alienated From Their Families

Thanksgiving is the day for families to come together and remember why they love one another. However, some celebrities and their families just don’t get along. These families just don’t won’t be spending the holidays with their loved ones.

Eminem – He and his mother didn’t get along and had lawsuits against each other.

Matthew Knowles – When your daughter makes a song happy that your wife left you, it’s a wrap.

Jon Voight – Angelina Jolie didn’t speak to him for years until Brad Pitt made them work it out.

Lindsay Lohan – Her and her father didn’t get along at all and they hardly speak at all.

Macaulay Culkin – He sued his parents…definitely wasn’t going to have turkey with them.

LaToya Jackson – She wrote a book making some accusations about her family that led to her being essentially kicked out.

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Oprah – She’s had a long history of issues with her family, starting from her rough upbringing. Plenty of disputes have surfaced to the point that some relationships just don’t exist.

Jennifer Aniston – She stopped speaking to her father when he walked out on the family, then fell out with her mother when she gossiped about her relationship.

Dez Bryant – When it was reported that he got into a scuffle with his mom, we can only imagine some reconciling had to happen.

Drew Barrymore – She actually won emancipation from her mother for being horrible.

Julia Roberts – She sided with her brother’s ex-wife during a scuffle and they ended up not speaking for years.

Jessica Simpson – She and her sister Ashlee had a rivalry based on their mutual attempts at fame. They didn’t speak for a while but seem to have worked it out.

Aaron Carter – He got emancipated from his family everything…


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