Did Trey Songz Break A Fan's Phone?

BOSSIP Exclusive: Fan Says Trey Songz Called Her A ‘B****’ & Stomped On Her Sister’s Phone For Taking His Picture Without Permission

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Fan Alleges That Trey Songz Insulted Her And Tried To Break A Cellphone

Remember over the summer when Trey Songz allegedly threw a cellphone when someone said he wasn’t August Alsina??? Well a similar incident reportedly occurred just days ago while he was celebrating his 30th birthday.

According to a (former) fan of the singer, when the crooner was recently in Norfolk, Virginia she had an explosive run-in with him that including him calling her and her sister f***** b****s and stomping on an iPhone.

The entire incident was allegedly because she attempted to take his picture without permission.

The woman tells BOSSIP:

My sister and I happened upon this establishment in Norfolk, Virginia where I am from originally.

Turns out Trey Songz had just booked his after party there for his birthday. My sister is a long time fan of his. She was over the moon with excitement to be there. The vibe was cool. No pressure. All good.

He had many groupies that were very sexually appealing women that had a very Miami/LA look that we were told he flew in because he didn’t want to risk not having pretty girls at his party in Virginia. (BOSSIP note: Where was Mila J???)

We were not involved in the party area. We kept away the entire time. When we were getting ready to leave my sister went up to him to say happy birthday and to tell her how much of a fan she was of his. She said ‘Happy birthday, I want you to know that I’m a big fan.’

He seemed to be very kind and while they were talking, he went in to hug her.

I snapped a pic and he saw the flash. Before the photo even completed, he snatched the phone out of my hands, took it to the back of the restaurant behind a curtain and that’s when it all went down.

The woman then says that Trey insulted her before trying to break the phone by stomping on it.

He goes, ‘What the f***, don’t take no f**** pictures of me b****!’

He takes the phone, walks away with it and starts deleting pics off the phone, I said ‘Whoa, whoa I get it. I’m sorry I should have asked first. My sister and I can help you delete it, just give me my phone back!’

At this point all of his entourage starts coming over there and they’re like, ‘Shorty, shorty he’s just drunk. He’s gonna do what he’s gonna do.’

Then he [Trey] goes, ‘The more you b****s keep talking s*** the more likely I am to throw this phone across the f***** parking lot!’

So then I looked to him and said, ‘Really?!’ and my sister said, ‘I can’t believe you’re acting like this! I was such a fan, I’m sorry I’ll delete the picture!’

He then takes the phone, throws it on the ground and he stomps on it several times.

The two women were then allegedly whisked away by bodyguards.

He gives the phone back to me and my sister and he gets in my face and says ‘Get these two f**** b****s out of here!’ His security guard then pushes us out of the club.

The phone now has issues with the speaker and has a cracked case.


The former fan also explained to BOSSIP why she came forward with her story and has a message for those who doubt the validity of her claims…Hit the flip…

On why she came forward with her story:

My whole point of doing this is he’s already done this before. Further on down the line something big is gonna happen and it’s all gonna lead up to some big story and everything’s gonna add up.

On why we should believe her:

I put the story on Facebook and several people were sending me other social media screenshots where he had cussed out his fans. If he wants to be like this sex symbol, women are going to flock to him and you can’t act like that. Have your security take care of it, it’s just not okay.

On no longer supporting Trey Songz:

Absolutely not [I’m not a fan anymore]. I can’t support someone who talks to fans like that much less to a woman. It’s totally disrespectful.

SMH…what do YOU think about Trey Songz’ alleged phone smashing incident????

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