Some Morning Swirl: Khloe K. Follows in Sister’s Footsteps

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kim K’s big little sister Khloe has a new chocolate piece on her arm these days. She’s been seen dating Derrick Ward, a fine @ss baller from Tampa Bay Buccaneers’. The Kardashian sisters sure do love them some chocolate. Pop the hood for more

The reality TV star has been getting close to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Derrick Ward for about a month, a source tells Star. A running back, like Reggie, “Derrick met Khloe through Kim, and the four of them go on double dates. The sisters both really like sports stars!”

Come on Derrick, let’s be real. You just want your 15 minutes. Your official swirl card is in the mail.


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  • ann

    very nice,, i heard many celebrities have a account on
    _____Meet Wea lthy com_____ “”””””, i.m doubt since i found her profile.. you can talk with them online, it’s awesome~~~

  • Candace

    Khloe is my favorite…she seems the most sincere.

  • Brandon

    These girls are ridiculous. Going around doing nothing and dating any celebrity they can find. its disgusting

  • dipset781


  • Sydney™

    “The sisters both really like sports stars!”

    You think?


  • CattyBitch

    And by the way aren’t girls who “love sports stars” usually called groupies? I guess now it’s cute because it’s the Kardashians doing it LOL.

  • Sydney™


    “If you notice his body language he’s very stiff and distant, he looks like he isn’t really trying to claim her.”

    Is he at least smiling in those other pics? You know, showing a flash of his pearly whites?

    “And by the way aren’t girls who “love sports stars” usually called groupies?”

    Yeah, groupies, golddiggers, materialistic (you-fill-in-the-blank), et cetera, et cetera. . .

  • nec2k

    Good for her! Her and sisters fulfill the black mens dream! Hooray!!

    Now wait a minute my nubian princesses, let’s not say anything bad or we will be called haters, just smile like we always do, keep it moving.

    I wish them all the luck in the world. Love is beautiful you know. I’m sure she wasn’t looking for a black baller, come on now. Really. [sarcastically]


  • Jade Silver

    @ Sydney… Hello my dear. How are you?

  • Sydney™

    lol @ nec2k

    We’re all smiling, but why isn’t he? Doesn’t he know he’s with a Kardashian?


    Hey! How are you? Happy Sunday. 🙂 It’s pouring rain here.

  • CattyBitch

    @Sydney: No in the other pics he has his hands jammed in his pockets and a sullen look on his face. I mean most gentlemen on a date will hold your hand or take your arm to guide you through a crowd and he looks pissed that people caught them out together. Kind of the same look that McCants guy had on his face when the paps caught him with Khloe.

  • Jade Silver

    @ Sydney… It’s cold and overcast out here. Have been homebound all weekend. I’m bored out of my mind.

  • Sydney™


    But it looks like she’s holding his hand in this pic, no? *putting on my glasses*

    Yeah, the look on his face doesn’t exactly mirror hers. She looks delighted. He. . .not so much.

  • Rozza♥ - Do You Like Fish Sticks?

    Hey Sydney! What is happening this Sunday with you?

  • Rozza♥ - Do You Like Fish Sticks?

    It’s kinda cloudy here and I am playing hooky from church this morning. I am going to attempt for the first time ever to smoke some ribs and a beef brisket. Keep in mind that I have only grilled ribs before and have NEVER cooked a brisket unless it was corned beef.

    Pray I don’t end up with a tone of jerky…

  • Sydney™

    Hey Rozza! How are you? 🙂

  • Rozza♥ - Do You Like Fish Sticks?

    *ton*, not tone

  • About it

    Kim and Khloe look like two white women who will turn to old cheese in a about 5 years. They are aging already.

  • Rozza♥ - Do You Like Fish Sticks?

    @Sydney: I am in a cooking mood. I figure I will start the smoking in the morning and finish up my day in Zumba class this afternoon.

  • Vera2

    Well these ladies are actually making their own money.. so i really don’t get the gold digging part. And maybe he’s not use to the paps in his face, and that’s where the looks coming from. If thats her preference… so be it, on the show she seems insecure about being the giant. So hopefully she’ll find someone who’ll treat her right.

  • Rozza♥ - Do You Like Fish Sticks?

    @About it: They age because they can’t stay out of the spotlight. It’s the nature of the beast.

    I wonder if I can get a reality show about me burning up stuff on the grill every weekend. It takes the same amount of skill…

  • Sydney™


    What do you plan on cooking? I think you’ve mentioned Zumba before. I’ve never taken a class, but I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun.

  • Sydney™

    Never mind, Rozza, I just saw that you plan to smoke ribs. LOL!

  • Rozza♥ - Do You Like Fish Sticks?

    @Sydney: Don’t laugh, girl! It’s going to be an adventure!

  • Rozza♥ - Do You Like Fish Sticks?

    I want to have everybody in my neighborhood hungry and wondering who is cooking!

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