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Damn this Becky must’ve had him sprung:

Former Miami Heat star Glen Rice was arrested Friday on a felony battery charge after police say he beat a man he found hiding in his estranged wife’s closet. Rice arrived at the house where estranged wife Christina Rice lives, demanding to know the identity of the man she was with and what he was doing at the home. He found Alberto Perez, 37, in the master bedroom closet and began beating him, police say, all the while screaming obscenities. Rice physically removed Perez from the bedroom by the neck, according to the report. Perez then fled the home and called police. He received a cut to his forehead that needed nine stitches.

The 6-foot-8 Rice surrendered to police and was released after posting $5,000 bond. It was not immediately known if he had an attorney. As of March, the Rices were married nine years and have three young children.

This sounds like some pure comedy, especially with that grown ass man hiding in the closet. SMH.


Thanks Natalie

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  • Nicole

    WOW…Go Becky!

  • Janelle

    Why would you get arrested for beating someone’s ass that was in your home?…that doesn’t make any sense


    I never liked that N**** anyway! And to think the Lakers traded Eddie Jones for that punk.

  • KrustyDaKlown

    You can just look at Becky and she how get get down.. Glenn just didn’t want Pedro to get none of that good tongue flickerin action..

  • RU$$

    The guy called if read it right and that’s pathetic.

  • 10FA2000

    When I think of a Becky, I don’t think about someone with a maiden name of Cristina Fernandez. Yeah, she’s Cuban.

  • cat4everrr

    LOL @ Becky

    her but is like…so big

  • cat4everrr

    man it’s been a long time since i heard sir mix alot’s song

  • jay

    she is really cute.

  • Ding Ding

    Oh purrlease shut up. ALL BLACK men are insecure mofos.

  • Corree

    @ Janelle: They’re estranged, so technically it’s not his house right now. He gets what he deserves. These dumb ass athletes will never learn.

  • Wenzel Dashington


  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Well, I say that what he gets!!! He will pay for his mistakes!!! And will turn around and marry another “Becky”.

  • pinkdate

    woo, it’s my idol Becy! but the gal beside him, seens I v seen her somewhere, ? maybe, I always have a good memory..LO

  • Reality

    I just watched the pregame of the Jaguars and Patriots and the black quarterback is married to a blonde with a southern accent.

    When are the athletes going to learn. Sure she latched on to his ass in college as a meal ticket and married him before he made it to the pros so guess what that means no prenup.

    Black athletes again provide wealth for blondes and their families for future generations.

    And she would have never looked at him.

    I am a guy writing this.

  • singular

    OH well just add him to the long list of athletes who are about to give up half to a “becky” while also paying off the dude she’s sleeping with. SMDH

  • larrywell

    if black women learn to let a man be and quit trying to change us dudes wouldnt look elsewhere. I dated black women all my life, and i dated one white. For some unknown reason white women are less stressful. I could not marry one because it would be hard to bring her home but relationship-wise she was the best. Maybe the black women i dated just had problems but most are the same, love to complain and argue

  • hoyachick

    Yep reality I completely agree! Here at g-town the black athletes find the plainest Jane..or Becky LOL! to wife up and would not even look at a black female who is ten times more attractive and engaging..its the slave mentality. Its kinda sad though cause if they weren’t basketball players on their way to the draft those chicks would never ever look at them twice!!

  • ceecee

    This website has really gotten to be racist. What has happened????

  • Leroy

    Actually that white chick is a Latina. She’s a white Cuban

  • Reality

    These black athletes don’t know that it is natural for people to be with their own. Beck will stay with them to get the money and then go back to brad pitt.

    One more thing by the time becky reaches 18 she has slept with more than 20 men. who do you think is getting the abortions and fighting to keep it legal and you can bet half of that 20 were black athletes from high school through college and she whisper in to Glenn and Strayhorn “you’re the first black guy I’ve been with.”

    It’s ok to taste it but down buy it.

  • Janelle

    Truth you sound like a bigot making generalizations…i feel sorry for you

  • Ms. 305

    Saw this one coming away. I say marry who you want but it seems that white women marry the first time for $ and the second time for love. She got financial security from him (they have kids) and now she can be with who she really wants to be with. It was in the Miami Herald that they split because she was spending his money like it was water. Glen gets what he deserves. NBA players need to develop some common sense.

  • And...

    You are beyond ignorant and stupid and it really doesn’t matter what you think or post! Poof

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