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Move over August Alsina... There’s a new black c*** on the block!

Elijah Blake Got Def Jammed Inside Woman During Sex!

We’ve been fans of Elijah Blake since we met him on the red carpet of BMI’s Urban Awards last year… but we’ll never look at him the same again after getting this email from a BOSSIP reader who tells us he’s so well-endowed she had trouble extracting his man parts from inside of her following their sexual encounter…

Peep the juicy details below:

I’m not using my real name in this email address because I don’t want people to know it but this is a story I just have to tell.

Last year I moved to Sacramento to live with my friend and her sister who is one of the dancers in Trey’s “Foreign” video. Anyway she gets invited to a party and she brings me and another friend along and when we’re there I meet this attractive guy. He tells me his name but I forget it but we’re vibing and chilling the whole night, we exchange numbers and that was it.

Anyway when I get home my homegirl tells me his name is Elijah Blake and that he’s written mad songs for different artists and that he’s an artist himself so I was like cool. He was attractive but I wasn’t losing sleep over him.

Fast forward a couple weeks I get a call from him asking if he can take me out. I say yes and we go to Scarpetta’s. The more we’re talking the more turned on I’m getting and so I feel no way about telling him I wanted him to take me home.

That was when the problem began. I won’t bore you with the nasty details but let’s just say that homeboy is abnormally huge and I got through half a bottle of lubricant trying to grease myself up so he could slide in.

Once he’s in we get to the get down and I’m in the best space because he had the right balance of being rough and gentle. That was until his d*** got stuck in my p****.We were f*****g and after I bust he wanted to pull out so I could bl** him but he couldn’t. First I thought he was messing with me but he looked me in the eye and told me that he couldn’t get out and that my p**** was clamping on his d*** (which had already made me c** twice mind you).

I start to panic because it starts to hurt everytime he tries to pull it out and I was really considering calling the ambulance because this isht was getting serious.

After five minutes of going through hell trying to get enormous d*** out of me he finally finds a way to pull out and we both laugh it off.

I spoke to another one of my friends who told me she had been with him before and she said the same thing happened to her because he’s so big and that the name of what happened is P***s Captivus, some Harry Potter type shit or nah?

I wanna hook up with again but I’m scared it might happen again.

Well damn… What would you do if you were in that situation? We’ve definitely heard stories like hers before, she’s lucky she didn’t need medical attention! Do you think Elijah looks like the type to be holding like that?

Make sure you check out Elijah Blake’s EP Drift on iTunes!



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