Wait, What?!?! Did Princess Love Threaten To Kill Herself Because Ray J Was Kickin’ It With Karrueche?!?!

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Did Karrueche Tran Cause The Princess Love Alleged Suicide Threat?

Remember when we told you that Princess of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” threatened to commit suicide after Ray J broke up with her???

Well there’s a rumor circulating that it was more than just their split that pushed her to the edge; it was (Chris Brown’s ex) Karrueche Tran.

TMZ reports:

Ray J’s ex-girlfriend who threatened suicide Wednesday was pushed over the edge after she found out Ray was nuzzling up to the modern day Helen of Troy … Karrueche Tran.

Cops were called after Princess Love called Ray and threatened to shoot herself. A short time later she called him back and said she would not go through with it.

As we reported … Ray broke up with Princess Love Tuesday night after a big fight. Now we know where he went afterward.

Ray went to a studio to shoot a New Year’s Eve special for BET. Karrueche was also on the show and Ray hung out with her until 4 AM. We got a couple of pics which show they were definitely getting along.

Unclear if there’s a relationship, but it’s definitely a good start.


So is Krunchy Kae really breaking up happy homes fresh off her Chris Brown breakup???

Hit the flip to find out…


BallerAlert reports: 

Baller Alert did some digging and it looks like something is missing from this story, namely the truth.

TMZ posted to their site that Karrueche and Ray hung together until 4am after filming a segment for BET. That’s almost right. Here’s what we do know. Ray & Karrueche were definitely filming for BET’s annual “Notarized” New Years Eve special.

They filmed the show Tuesday evening with a call time of 8pm. Ray J and Princess show up TOGETHER around 9pm and filming wrapped around 11pm. Even if Ray and Princess WERE NOT together, Ray J did not post any photos from the set on his social media and Karrueche’s Instagram was deactivated at the time. So where did these photos Princess “saw” come from? Yep, you guessed it, she was there.

Witnesses on set recall Princess speaking and being very cordial with Karrueche when she entered the studio. She did not seem to be out of sorts or upset in any way. They also say that she stayed for a few minutes, then went outside to play with her dog. One source says that it did appear that Princess and Ray J were possibly under the influence of alcohol but it can’t be known for sure.

Again, filming wrapped at 11pm, not 4am, and Princess and Ray J left together. The following day rumor hit that Princess told Ray J she was going to kill herself and just hours later Ray and Princess were posting photos on social media like nothing ever happened.

Now, I’m hoping that Princess wouldn’t play like that because suicide is a VERY serious matter that so many people in our community are suffering from. Definitely not something to be taken lightly. As far as Karrueche’s involvement, not this time.

SMH at people dragging lil Rueche into this mess.

Princess has since spoken out about her suicide threat and is denying that Karrueche was the cause of her breakdown.

TMZ reports:

Ray J’s girlfriend says she’d never kill herself … and her recent threat was just a bad choice of words.

Princess Love says she clearly took things too far — especially considering her friends Stephanie Moseley and Earl Hayes’ murder-suicide.

Princess tells us her suicide scare Wednesday was triggered by an argument she and Ray J had over holiday plans. As TMZ previously reported, Ray J thought she was upset over a BET special he filmed with Karrueche Tran.

Princess tells us she and Ray J have reunited … but we’re guessing it’s only a matter of time before things once again go south.

What do YOU think about this whole Ray J/Princess debacle???Instagram

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