A Gallery Of Stars Accused Of Using Steroids

Artificial Chiseled: A Gallery Of Stars Accused Of Using Steroids

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A Gallery Of Stars Accused Of Using Steroids

How do celebrities get those big bodies? Is it natural? Well, not all the time. Some celebrities used enhancements in the form of steroids. Don’t believe us? Just look.

Charlie Sheen – He took roids to prepare for his role as the pitcher in Major League.

Mickey Rourke – He’s admitted to using steroids in the 80s for movie roles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – He was very open about his steroid use for his bodybuilding exploits.

Nick Nolte – He’s been a champion of HGH to maintain his youthful exuberance and that luxurious beard.

Oliver Stone – He also supports HGH at his age.

Marion Jones – She got busted for performance enhancing drugs during her Olympic days.

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    Lance Armstrong – He got busted for PEDs and lost all his endorsements and everything.

    Alex Rodriguez – He got suspended for his ‘roid use and hasn’t played since.

    Sylvester Stallone – He got busted trying to smuggle HGH into Australia during a movie shoot.

    Tyler Perry – He was part of an investigation into steroid distribution as he was allegedly connected to an agency in New York.

    50 Cent – He was part of that same investigation. Hmmmm…

    The Rock – He was accused of steroid use when he got so huge for Pain & Gain but he’s all natural, apparently.

    Mark Wahlberg – He faced the same accusations as The Rock did for their movie.


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