Carter Clash: Jay-Z’s Family Can’t Stand Beyonce For Isolating Jay, Shutting Them Out

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Jay Z’s Family Angry With Beyonce

Is there trouble in Carter paradise? Rumors are swirling that Jay Z’s family is feeling shut out from Hov’s jet-set lifestyle. Apparently his immediate fam has already been seeing less and less of him and forming a bad taste in their mouths for Bey and her sister…but their Christmas season hopping all over the Eastern hemisphere was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Via StarMagazine:

To the left, to the left! Sources tell Star that Jay Z’s clan is tired of Beyonce keeping the rapper from his family.

“There are a lot of hurt feelings. His mother and siblings feel like they’ve been cast aside,” claims the insider, who says that Jay’s elevator debacle with Bey’s sister Solange only made things worse. “While they dealt with the fallout, Bey and Jay were forced to close ranks, and it didn’t include his family.”

The last straw came this Christmas, when the couple ditched the in-laws for a holiday getaway to Thailand. “They were constantly posting photos online — it was heartbreaking to his family,” the source adds. “Showing off to fans clearly was more important to Jay than spending time with loved ones who used to mean the world to him. And they’re blaming her.”

Hmmmm….you think Jay’s family has a reason to be aggravated or are they just a little bitter that their invites and plane tickets got lost in the mail?

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