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 Bobby Shmurda’s Uncles Say Bad Blood Over Missing Money Is Keeping Him in Jail

Bobby Shmurda is holding a huge grudge against his record exec uncles over missing shmoney – 20 stacks to be exact – and the rift is the main reason why the rapper is still locked up, Bossip has learned.

Brothers Debo and Calvin Wilson, the co-owners of Hard Tymes Records, say Shmurda, their nephew, used Instagram to accuse them of taking $20,000 from him. The Wilson brothers said they proved they didn’t take the money, but the “Hot Ni**a” rapper still hasn’t said a word to them since.
“We just want to make sure he’s alright; that he’s safe,” Calvin Wilson said. “We’re his family, and we’d never turn our backs against him.”
The men said they bailed Shmurda out of jail the last time he got locked up, and wanted to bury the hatchet by posting his bail this time too.

But Shmurda won’t have it. Bossip witnessed the Brooklyn native refuse Calvin Wilson’s visit last week at Riker’s Island, and told him through a jail guard that coming back would be a waste of time.

The record label CEOs say they’ve only had Shmurda’s best interests in mind. Calvin Wilson said they helped negotiate Shmurda’s $2.5 million record contract and spent $80,000 to get “Hot Ni**a” on the radio.

“We always had his back,” Calvin Wilson said. “We showed him love. We tried to show him the ins and outs of the game.”

They said they were angry over the “disrespectful” way Shmurda shaded them on social media.

“If he felt that the money was taken, he could’ve come to us,” Calvin Wilson told Bossip. “To tell the world, you’re tarnishing the record label’s name. People don’t want nothing to do with you when they see stuff like hat, so it’s not fair.”
Shmurda is still technically signed as an artist to Hard Tymes Records, according to Calvin Wilson.
Last month, the feds busted Shmurda on felony conspiracy, gun and drug charges. He remains in protective custody on Rikers Island on $2 million bail.

Shmurda’s lawyer, Howard Greenberg, said he wasn’t aware of the Wilson brothers, and Shmurda’s mother is trying to post bail.

“I have no knowledge that they’re in the picture insofar as helping him make bail,” Greenberg told Bossip. “My focus is on defending the brothers [Shmurda and his brother Javase Pollard], and that’s like a laser.”
“God bless anyone trying to help, acting in good faith.”



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