Are You Feelin This Get Up???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Veronica Webb hosted a cocktail party last night t Urban Zen Boutique in NYC wearing this all red fit with two scarves around her neck and a beaded necklace around them. They are obviously slanging scarves at this boutique, but we must say they getting quite creative with the scarf swag these days. What’s next?

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  • Words of Wisdom

    Hell Naw!

  • scoobysnacks

    what the hell, she looks like a crackhead! ewwwww

  • scoobysnacks

    what the hell, she looks like a crackhead! ewwwww

  • gap & gucci

    scarf swag got sooooooo wrong.

    this is just confusion! she looks like laundry!

    def not a good look

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    If Tim Gunn saw this he would curse her out and then tell her to take her a$* to another TV show

  • Southern Belle 225

    nope nope nope! all wrong….

  • Bankable P



    Tim Gunn would say “make it work””

  • MissDee

    Hell no… the red stockings are aweful and those shoes are ugly!

  • I'm just me

    NOT A GOOD LOOK AT ALL….I agree w/ MissDee!! What it up with those stockings and shoes??

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    What in the clownish hell…Ummm, it’s a bit much and the shoes totally throw it off…

  • told ya so

    lol @ Tim Gunn would say “make it work””

    I LOVE that show!!!!

  • ESL

    IDK. IDK. I just DK.

  • Mimimumbi

    U know, she looks like an idiot like that. Sometimes these fashion designers and models take their creativity abit too far. To each its own, look like a fool if you want BUT this get up does nothing for me.

  • Lauren

    LOL @ Just Sit….I don’t know what kind of curtain she is wearing looks like she got it from Linen and Things

  • Jcroft

    not feeling it…she’s a H.A.M.

  • Lady

    Hell no.. A mess…

    Hey lauren..

  • http://deleted keith.

    i think veronica web is beautiful. this oufit im not relly feelin.

  • Lady

    She needs to discard the sheet around her neck & the shoes… I said it once & i’ll say it again, there’s a THIN line between weird & a country hot mess…

  • Lady

    Correction** Thin line between Different & a country hot mess..

  • trippn

    Veronica is my girl – very, very cool chick.

    Surprised to see her with the stockings – but if she is doing it (I would not) then it’s probably “fashion forward”.

  • Lady

    WTF is up with the beaded necklace wrapped around the sheet?? Girl stop it..

  • versace

    I like Veronica because she is old school model but half of the things she wears and hair design is so boring and overtop mishmash I wonder why they have her on the show.

  • ms jazz
  • nico

    Not Cute At All!

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