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Lee Daniels Talks About Sex With Boyfriend Jhalil Fisher In Interview

Director Lee Daniels recently opened up about his love life and relationship of 5 years with boyfriend Jahil Fisher. The couple chatted with gay publication Out, and revealed how they met and how they keep things hot in the bedroom.

“I heard his voice before I saw him, and that’s what attracted me first — the laughter. Then I was blown away by his sense of humor. He’s pure and in the moment, and he doesn’t have a poker face. When he’s happy, it’s like happiness on steroids, and his physical features change if he’s upset. I hide my stuff well — I’ve learned to. But he doesn’t. And he makes me laugh. It’s a completely different mind-set: He introduced me to The Real Housewives of Atlanta and he’s best friends with the Kardashians’ hairstylist. He’s very hip, and he brings all of that into my antiquated way of thinking.”

Lee talks about the 20 year age difference between him and his stylist boo:

“[I]t’s tricky. I’m 55 and he’s 33, so there’s a huge age difference between us, and I’m nervous about that. Thinking of the future, I get very Demi Moore–ish about it all. But if I’m living in the now, I know that each of my relationships has given me something important. My first gave me kids. My second gave me stability. This one — he makes me feel more responsible and accountable.”

So how are things in the bedroom?

“[T]he sex is continually off the chain. I remember first being attracted to his legs, and it’s nice to be in a relationship where, five years in, the sex is still there. That’s unique for me, because I get bored quickly.”

Lee’s boyfriend even says he’s still wary of the attention and celebrity that comes with his Hollywood man:

“I feel very protective of him. He was bullied horrifically as a kid, and he’s still bullied on the streets. And it’s hard for him when we’re in public. I’ve seen people push him out of the way to have a conversation with me. It’s the nature of the beast, but it’s disturbing, and I’ve freaked out. And while he has his own identity, I know he gets lonely during my absences, which can be weeks on end sometimes. That’s why I’ve decided that whatever film I’m doing now has to be shot in New York City — so I can be close to him.”

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