The Evolution Of Kim K's Balloonish Booty

Pump It Up: The Evolution Of Kim Kardashian’s Balloonish Booty

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Kim K’s Donk Sorcery Explored

Planet-sized donks are the new Hollyweird craze fueled by the attention-thirsty Kardashians, especially Kimmy K. who seems obsessed with inflating her once flatty backs to hilariously cartoonish levels in today’s booty-obsessed society.

Hit the jump for a look into Kim K’s shocking booty evolution.

This is not-quite-famous Kim K. before the infamous “home video” and countless (alleged) booty inflations.

This is Kim K. today with severe diaper booty syndrome and it’s only getting worse.

Kardashian family photo before the fame. Guess what Kimmy K. (left) doesn’t have (at all, anywhere) in this pic?

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Oh, Kimmy.



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