Trey Songz Mother And Girlfriend Respond To Rude Fans

Team Trigga: Trey Songz’ Mom & Girlfriend Tanaya Clap Back At Messy Stans

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Trey Songz’ Mom And Girlfriend Respond To Rude Fans On Social Media

R&B crooner Trey Songz has been holding down his spot as a successful entertainer for nearly ten years now and while he seems to have mastered the art of dealing with some of his over-the-top fans in stride, his mother April and new girlfriend Tanaya were quick to put a few stans in their place recently when they took things a little too far.

Although neither Trey nor Tanaya have officially confirmed their coupleship just yet, the twosome continues to show much not-so-subliminal love for each other on social media…..

…with Tanaya even making Trey her most recent #MCM.

All seems to be well between Trigga and his lady love, however, she also hasn’t hesitated to give her two cents on some of his fans’ disapproval of their relationship. See what she had to say to their haters next…


And things got even more interesting when a few stans tried to come for mama April. Peep page 2 to see what was said and how everything played out as a result.

Trey’s mother April was also his business partner/manager early on and continues to manage his “Angels With Heart” charity foundation, but one additional title to add to her resume might be “Not The One To Play With” judging from how she quickly put a few out-of-pocket stans in check when they tried to come for her recently.

Bloop! It’s no secret that Trey adores his mother and is constantly citing her as his biggest inspiration, so while she can clearly handle her own, these “fans” might want to tread lightly if they don’t want any problems from Trigga!

However, things didn’t stop there. Hit the flip for the rest from mama April and Tanaya, along with Trey’s comments in the midst of all this…

Clearly Momma Songz isn’t phased….

…but she’s also not too unbothered to set the record straight when people take things too far.

Mama don’t play! Meanwhile, Tanaya had a few more words of her own for the isht-talkers….as well as few subliminal jabs for women who may feel some type of way about not “getting chose” by Trey. Check that out next…

Tanaya seemed to be taking aim at Trey’s thirsty stans again with this next round of messages, but then directed her comments towards Trey’s bitter ex-boos.

So, what’s Trey had to say in the midst of all this? Check that out on the final page…

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