Random Ridiculousness: White College Student Considers Himself African-American

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We know what you’re thinkin’. Not another Justin Timberlake, Jon B, Eminem wanna-be. Pop the top for more

A former New Jersey Medical School student, who described his ethnic background as “white, African-American,” is suing the school claiming that he had been racially discriminated against, according to the Associated Press. Paulo Serodio, a student at The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, is Caucasian but told fellow classmates and school employees that since he was born in Mozambique, he identifies himself as “white, African-American.” At first his peers recommended that he stop but, soon after, he said he discovered fliers hung up around campus, mocking him. Plus, he was assaulted and his car was vandalized. The spokesman for the dental school would not comment on the case.—CO

He is technically an African American. Side note: The man in the photo is not the man we are speaking of.


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  • bmore chick


  • charlieblanko

    lol@he technically is african american though

  • Thicker than a Snicker**

    Well it sounds like a pretty accurate description to me? He’s from Africa, now lives in a America and is white…I don’t see the issue, there’s a difference between race and ethnicity.

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Did the Cavs sweep...again?)

    LOL@ those lips too…

  • Siti

    Right- African American just not Black-
    Nationality and Ethnicity are 2 different things

  • http://www.yahoo.com Blue Topaz

    The tat is too funny!! And the technically he is is African-American though. Lol!!

  • @.@

    Yes he is African American just not black so what’s the issue? People can be really daft!

  • breezy00

    @ Siti
    This guy is african american, whats the problem?
    It MUST be because,physically, he doesn’t fit inside of the stereotypical boxes Americans have created.
    Oh, you look this way—then you MUST be this.

  • Nique

    Sounds correct to me..

  • Gig

    I can relate because when I went to Europe someone assumed I was “African”. I told them I was “American”. Alot of Europeans feel the same way about “African-Americans”, that we are just “Africans”.

  • suzy

    He wants the title, but not the problems

  • Jade Silver

    Technically he is correct. He was born in the Motherland.

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Did the Cavs sweep...again?)


    Flo Evans burns my butter….’But JJ’ I can hear her whining now…and I think Michael was gay…


  • breezy00

    I HIGHLY doubt if thats him in that picture..

  • CaribChica

    LOL at the picture. It’s not him, is it?
    I blame this on the US’ obsession to constantly label people. AAs should just be known as American by now. Most have little to zero cultural connection to Africa, are diluted with Native American and other races.

  • Thicker than a Snicker**

    Oh come on that is NOT the guy in the pic…

  • uptowngirl

    Is that a tampon in his tat? SMDH
    So because he is “African-American” he has to come with the Tupac look/style? I don’t get it.

  • http://www.imeem.com/mrslatiayates missunderstood (f*ck some playoffs, I want my TV back!!!!)

    members only dammit… lol…

  • Thicker than a Snicker**

    He never said he was black he said he was a white African-American which is completely correct. How is it fair to ask him to deny his heritage and country?

  • Pimpin Willie Ice Pick ((I wear a mean dark pair of shades, And you can't see my eyes unless my head is bent, you dig)

    Breezy00, Pretty Pimp wassup!


  • breezy00

    Yeah..Lol. you guys cant believe everything you see. thats not him.. anywhoo….

    @ Pimpin and Glok
    🙂 heyy.

  • Pimpin Willie Ice Pick ((I wear a mean dark pair of shades, And you can't see my eyes unless my head is bent, you dig)


    Whats up lady, you about unpacked yet or you slow poking it?

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    LOL @ Is that a tampon in his tat? SMDH

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Did the Cavs sweep...again?)


    SALUTE!!! 🙂

  • Julia

    Hey Einstein, you forgot an important part of the story: He got kicked out of school. Nice job in reporting the facts. You’d sue, too, if you got kicked out. The NAACP, Jesse Jackson, and every nutjob would come out of the woodwork for you if you got kicked out. Good job in skewing the story to your own bent though!

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