Dame Dash's Most Embarrassing Moments

‘My Son Has Cookies!’ Dame Dash’s Least Bossy Moments

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Dame Dash’s Least Bossy Moments

Dame Dash has really been on a tear making his “boss moves” as of late…but for the most part, it’s a lot of hot air.

Dame has really just been talking extremely crazy for the last few months. He’s a boss? If so, we don’t want to be bosses.

Just look at these moments Dame has under his belt that definitely aren’t “bossy.”


Getting dropped by Jay Z and having his own company fall apart as a result.

Never paying Curren$y and getting sued for it.

Crying over the IRS coming after him for unpaid taxes.

Going on the Breakfast Club and saying that people who have regular jobs have zero self-respect.

Allegedly not paying child support.

Putting his baby’s mother and her lawyer on blast on Instagram like an amateur.

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Getting sued for naming his entire damn movie after an already-existing group then Instagramming that it wasn’t his fault he never heard of them before.

This picture.

He showed up late to his trial and cursed out the media while looking like Tyrone Biggums.


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