13 Celebrities Who Joined Cults

Life Changes: 13 Celebrities Who Allegedly Joined Cults

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13 Celebrities Who Joined Cults

Celebrities are weird. And being weird means that some of them join weird cults. These celebrities allegedly joined cults for whatever reason and we’re still trying to figure out what they were thinking. But hey, to each his own. Enjoy.

Lauryn Hill – It’s been speculated that she had joined a cult led by some guy named “Mr. Anthony,” which led to her rant at the Vatican a few years ago.

Marilyn Monroe – She joined the Church of Christ, Scientists, which is one of those churches that has believed that prayer and not medicine heals.

Liz Taylor – She also joined the Church of Christ, Scientist.

Joan Crawford – She also joined that same Church of Christ, Scientist cult.

Tom Cruise – He’s the leader of the Scientologists and, yes, they’re a cult.

John Travolta – He’s also one of the big Scientologists…but according to the latest documentary on the cult, he’s there sort of against his will.

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Joaquin Phoenix – He was part of the Children of God church as a kid and it was a truly sick church that molested kids.

Rose McGowan – She was also part of this cult as a child but she spoke up against it after escaping.

Naomi Campbell – She’s been rumored to be part of the group of celebrities who joined the Kabbalah, which has had some questionable practices as of late.

Demi Moore – She’s also been running along with the Kabbalah folks as well.

Michelle Pfeiffer – When she was down and out at 20, she joined a cult of Breatharians – people who thought they could live on sunlight alone. She got out but plenty of people who stayed died of starvation.

Peaches Geldof – She joined Thelemites – criticized as a “sex cult.” It’s the same group that Jay Z has been accused of joining thanks to his skull symbolism.


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