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A Gallery Of Greatest Snacks Of All-Time

A few days ago we saw a viral video of Rihanna gettin’ her snack on in a convenience store after allegedly “elevating” her mood for 4/20 and it got us to thinkin’…what are the greatest snacks that you can find in any corner store, bodega, gas station, or candy hustler?

We rounded up some usual suspects and some oldies-but-goodies, flip the page to indulge.

Hot. Cheetos. ‘Nuff said.

There isn’t a Martin Luther King Jr BLVD in America that isn’t slangin’ these.

A classic.

Don’t front like you never liked having a big hot pickle all in your mouth.

Mama STAYED with these in the freezer.

‘Member these? Had ya hands, mouth, and tongue red all day.

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The hood of potato chips. The potato chips of the hood.

Strictly for my ninjas.

The original “loud pack”. Breath STRONG.

“No room service, just snacks and s***, work with those Lil’ Debbies, when you done, get ready…” -Jay Z (“Hey Papi”)

Bet these crunch HELLA LOUD.

Even if not a single other person in the world was buying then, we gotta believe the Now And Laters company would survive off the strength of the hood.

These are gross, but for some reason people like them. Are you one of those people?

Best ¢.25 you’ll ever spend.

Walk around the “urban terrain” with your head down. Peep how many sunflower seed shells you see on the ground.

For our latin brothers and sisters…



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