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Do The Crime, Pay The Time! 12 Celebs With Criminal Records 

In the entertainment industry, image is everything.  For that reason you can never underestimate the power of  a great PR team! Their job is to redeem the images of struggling celebs and brush their messy mistakes right under the rug; but that’s what we are here for! Today we’ve compiled a list of celebs you might not have known have criminal records from drug distribution to murder.

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Young Thug 

2004: Possession of a schedule IV controlled substance, driving without a seatbelt, reckless driving

Will Smith 

1989: Charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment of another person, simple assault and criminal conspiracy

Charges were later dismissed.

Khoe Kardashian

2007: Charged with driving under the influence and sentenced to 3 years probation

2008: Charged with violating probation, sentenced to 30 days in Los Angeles County Jail. However, served a mere 3 hours due to overcrowding.

Lil Kim

1996: Arrested for possession of marijuana

2005: Charged with convicted for conspiracy to commit perjury in shooting trial and 3 counts of perjury before a grand jury

Served 10 months in prison, 30 days house arrest and 3 years probation.


Felecia Pearson (‘Snoop’ from The Wire)

1995 : (Age 14) Convicted for second degree murder and served 7 years

2008: Marijuana possession charge  – later dropped

2011: Arrested for federal prosecution of East Baltimore drug gang. Charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin, aiding and abetting.

Bruno Mars

2010: Arrested for cocaine possession. Plead guilty and was fined $2,000, served  200 hours of community service and drug counseling.

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Charles S. Dutton 

1968: (Age 17) Charged and convicted of manslaughter. Served a 7 years sentence

1976: Released, rearrested months following and charged with possession of a deadly weapon. Served an additional 3 years


1999: Arrested and charged with first degree assault for the stabbing of a record producer

2003: Convicted of third-degree assault for stabbing and sentenced to 3 years probation


Cassidy (I’m a Hustler Homie)

2005: Originally charged with first degree murder.  However, charges were lessened.

Plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, possessing an instrument of crime.  Served a total of 23 months.

2011: Arrested for violation of probation

Nicki Minaj

2003: (Age 20) Arrested for criminal possession of a weapon, with intent to use.

Charges later dismissed

Snoop Dogg

1990: Arrested and convicted of cocaine possession

1993: Charged and pled guilty to possession of a weapon

1996: Originally arrested and  tried with first degree murder, assault and accessory charges that were later lessened to voluntary manslaughter.

Voluntary Manslaughter were ultimately dropped.

2006: Arrested for marijuana and gun possession in his vehicle

Migos (Offset & Quavo)


2015: Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, carrying a weapon in a school zone, possession of marijuana, possession of a schedule II controlled substance (misdemeanor)


2015: Possession of a schedule II controlled substance, possession of a firearm, carrying a weapon in a school zone, possession of marijuana (misdemeanor)





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