Shook Ones? George Zimmerman Believes “God Was Watching Over Him” During Shooting Incident

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George Zimmerman Believes God Saved Him From Being Killed In Shooting

Good, decent, innocent people who are far more valuable to society get shot ey’day. God, or no God.

Via DailyMail

George Zimmerman has told friends he is lucky to be alive after narrowly avoiding being shot during an alleged road rage incident.

The former neighborhood volunteer told a friend ‘It just wasn’t my time to go.’

But the near miss has shaken up the 38-year-old so much that he is now considering leaving Florida for good to start a new life in another state.

Police in Lake Mary, Florida, are investigating the incident in which a bullet entered Zimmerman’s car through the passenger window and lodge in the roof of his SUV.

Zimmerman suffered minor injuries from flying glass – but has acknowledged to friends he could have been killed.

SMH @ “considering leaving Florida for good”…he’s a dumbazz for still being there.

Friends of Zimmerman, who has gone into hiding since the shooting, said he has been left badly shaken by the incident.

‘George said it wasn’t his time to go,’ said close friend Doug Sifford.

‘He said God was watching over him that day, but he is shaken.’

Let’s all pray a lil’ bit harder so God can be busy next time George need his help.

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