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9 Signs Iggy Azalea’s Career Is Over

Iggy Azalea just can’t win. Her career has consistently gone downhill over the last few months. It may all be over…just take a look.

1. She left Twitter – When the hate gets to be so bad that you have to leave Twitter, then things are not going great for Iggy.

2. She had to cancel her tour – She said it was from exhaustion but it could be from nobody giving a sh*t.

3. She gets slandered every time she’s in public – Whenever she goes out with a nest on her head or a new swole face, she becomes a Twitter meme.

4. She’s Marrying A Laker – Remember Vanessa Williams and Monica? They married Lakers and their careers were never the same.

5. She Hasn’t Had A Hot Song In Forever – Iggy still living off of “Fancy”…and that was a long time ago.

6. The LGBT Community Doesn’t Eff With Her Anymore – She just got told she couldn’t perform at a LGBT parade due to old tweets. So…who’s left to be her fans?

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7. Not Even T.I. Vouches For Her Anymore – Notice how quiet Tip has been about Iggy…? He doesn’t even have words to save her.

8. All Her Old Racism And Homophobia Is Coming Up – Mainstream media is finding the tweets and it won’t be pretty.

9. She Lost A Beef With Papa John’s – Seriously. That’s the death knell.



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