Winning Season: 10 Reasons Drake is Better Than Kanye

The Winning Team: 10 Reasons Drake Is Better Than Yeezy

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Is Drake Better Than Kanye West


Both of these seasoned rappers are dominating the music scene.  Kanye might be ballin all day but Drizzy wasn’t lying when he said every song sounds like Drake featuring Drake.  Between these two rappers, Drake’s definitely got the juice on and off stage.  Beg to differ?  Flip the script to see our reasoning.

Drake Makes Real Music For Real People

There’s no doubt that Kanye is an amazing artist but recently his music has become more and more detached from his College Dropout days.  Drizzy on the other hand, has been delivering one banging album after another since 2008.  From break up songs, to party anthems Drake has you covered with everything in between.


Drake Loves The Kids

Even though Drizzy doesn’t have seeds of his own, he still shows love to the little ones.

Sidenote: Peep Ye’ giving back… a pinky.



He Likes His Girls BBW

Unlike Kanye who likes them knifed and wifed up. From strippers to Olympic athletes, Drake admits he likes them big and beautiful.


Drizzy Has Been On

This actor turned rapper has been winning since he was 15 and cast for the hit show “Degrassi.”  He turned a young sprouting acting career into a net worth of over $60 million.

He’s Shooting In The Gym

While Kanye is out here catching Dad Body Syndrome from his mentor Jay-Z, Drizzy is brewing up some washboard abs at his in home gym.

We see you Drake!

He Loves His Fans


Unlike Kanye who always looks pestered and treats photo ops like a dreadedl obligation, Drizzy Drake has no problem snapping bro’d up pics with his fans. 

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That Winning Smile

Kanye has made his hostility toward the paparazzi very clear, but Drake doesn’t bother with commotion and usually has no problem flashing his dazzling whites for the cameras.



His Sense Of Humor

From his appearances on Saturday Night Live to his Instagram Battles with comedian and friend Kevin Hart, Drake definitely loves a good laugh.  It’s that down to earth nature that people love.  To bad we can’t say the same for Yeezy, who we rarely get a word from outside of his struggle rants.



He’s Not Fussy About His Fashion

There’s no harm in trying, but there’s nothing more unattractive than looking like you did.  Who else prefers Drake’s effortless steez over Kanye’s forced fashion?


He’s A Family Man

When all the lights are off, all you’ve got is family.  Drake has been very open about the love he has for his family.  Even though Kanye has a family of his own now, more often than not they still give off that made – for – TV vibe.



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