*Update* When The Checks Stop Coming In: Pretty Ricky Dances in Thong

- By Bossip Staff

This just in: Pretty Ricky gets dropped by Atlantic Records. Wouldn’t have anything to do with Spectacular and his salmon pink tighty whites gyrating in the camera and challenging his competition to a draws dance-off, would it?

I love the power of the Internet! After posting Sexi Spec’s nod to the gays, I reached out to a very trusted source who’s confirmed to Gyantunplugged.com has been dropped from Atlantic Records.

The details are sketchy, but it seems that some inner turmoil was the cause of the split, though no other details were offered up.

To date their last album “Late Night Special” has sold a little over 500k copies. And their first album damn near went platinum. I checked out the Atlantic Records website, and the guys are still listed under the labels roster. But my source insists it’s a wrap.

Though members Slick’Em, Baby Blue, Spectacular and Lingerie may be out of a job, they might have a future in dancing for the kidz as go-go boys.

It looks like Pleasure P and 4 Play may have got out just in time.

Spectacular must be hiding somewhere since his @ss is on the chopping block for gettin’ Pretty Ricky the ax. Don’t be surprised if he turns up missing. SMH


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  • 09chic

    1st!!! Yay!!

  • Diamondcenter

    Gay asses!!!! keep your personals private

  • Eboni

    U guys lie…he is so not evn dancing in a thong!

  • Diamondcenter

    …..I bet he thinks he looks manly ……he had to have been on E -Pills when he did this dumb shit…….The song sounds better than he looks…..

  • Frog-a-licious

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Wtf.

  • Miss32Flavors

    CTFU!!! This nicca challenged Chris Brown to a freakin’ grindin’ competition. Chris wouldn’t be caught dead doing that ish! This calls for a Riley (Boondocks) moment: “These niccas is gay!”

  • cahmoneychick

    WTF!!! Is her for real? Soooooo Sooooo gay!!

  • WTF

    DL Brotha all day!!!!

  • WTF

    I just threw up a little bit in my own mouth….

  • TTYL

    I’m female and that did not turn me on in the least…gross put on your clothes!!! What happened to the Jaheims, Tanks, Boyz II Men, Jodeci what the Real men?

  • 11:11

    ROTFL @ those lil chicken legs this is too much.. that m.f. is on the D.L. but yeah, those lil speedo styled DRAWS are not the biz…

  • 11:11

    …I bet he knows every dance step to SINGLE LADIES…

  • Aww Man...

    That has got to be the gayest s*** I have ever seen man.

  • Dena

    Who in the HELL left the gate open?!!

  • Airwolf

    This dude needs a gym membership and a intervention

  • Dena

    I think that he really did it b/c he wants dudes to see him. He put his self out there. GROSS!!

  • Miss Rosie

    Wow, he was suspect at first, but then just confirms it. Gayer than that thang. I only liked Pleasure P anyway, glad he’s a solo artist. Uggghhhh…

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    Glok9n: hey baby…happy Tuesday! Ive missed you. Hope you enjoyed your weekend…

    All I can say about this post is that he’s sweeter that JJ’s koolaid! I wonder if he actually thought he was appealing to a female audience?

  • Bored @ Work

    All I can say is wow..

  • HD

    Well at least we know his tongue game on point…

  • $moK.E.Y.


  • Me Me

    He look so GAY!!

  • Hurdenuf

    pure comedy….LMBAO…too funny!

  • Love Is The Answer

    WTF!!! What is the world coming to. Little boys twirkin it! Pop lock an dropin! Tootin that thang up! I am so disgusted right now! Actually i’m pissed.

  • Motownlady

    Omg, my stomach is churning and my eyes are burning. That was sick and just to darn early in the morning to be seeing that SH*T!!!

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