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Tyler Perry’s $10 Million Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Tyler Perry is dissing his former employee’s $10 million dollar lawsuit accusing him of allowing sexual harassment to take place at his Georgia studio — claiming the disgruntled man is a LIAR who consented to the sexual advances by his supervisor.

Via Jasmine Brands:

Last year, Tyler Perry filed a lawsuit demanding a restraining order against his ex-employee Joshua Sole. The suit was the result of an incident that took place at Perry’s studio office back in October.

The director says that his alleged stalker, Sole, had barricaded himself in his studio’s office and forced everyone to have to evacuate. The man was accused of disabling the alarms and security equipment at the studio and then climbed through the ceiling panels.

The police report stated that employees claimed Sole refused to leave without having a conversation with Perry. The local law enforcement arrived and charged Sole with criminal trespassing after having to spend 4 hours getting him out of the studio offices. The director sued demanding the restraining order, $100K in damages for harassment and $25K in legal fees. Perry also wanted the court to order Sole to undergo psychological counseling.

Sole’s attorney fired back at the director’s lawsuit denying he had ever harassed him. He claimed that he was wrongfully accused and never trespassed or broke into the studios. Sole also said he only wanted to speak to Perry about employment related issues.

Then on May 13th, Sole filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against Perry, the Tyler Perry Studios and another employee named Brett Hendrix.

Sole later reveals that he was working for Tyler Perry Studios and claims that he was sexually harassed by his supervisor:

Sole explained that he started working at the company in August 2014 as a production assistant and during his employment he was sexually harassed by his supervisor Brett. During his time working for Perry’s company, he claimed Brett would inappropriately touch him and the conduct was unwarranted and resisted, call him “baby” and told him he missed him along with offering him drugs in anticipation of sexual favors.

Sole also said Perry ruined his reputation by posting on Facebook that he was “mentally distrusted” following the incident where police were called. He filed suit against Perry, his company and the supervisor for creating a hostile work environment, retaliation when he complained about the situation intentional infliction of emotional distress and batter. He demanded 10 million dollars in damages.

Then on June 16th, Perry fired back at the former employee’s lawsuit stating that the supervisor Brett was never an employee of Tyler Perry Studios and therefore he cannot sue them for his alleged actions.

Further, the director says that his firing was not due to discriminatory or retaliation but rather the decision was made for legitimate reasons. He says that Sole cannot prove that any willful misconduct or fraud was committed by him and says there is no such evidence because it didn’t happen.

Perry also says that the post he made on Facebook is covered under the first amendment and he cannot be slapped with millions in damages for speaking his opinion about Sole. He also claims that he never mentioned Sole by name in his post and therefore he has no claim.

He also states that Tyler Perry Studios maintains and enforces policies on sexual harassment. Perry also says that the lawsuit is nonsense because anything that Brett did was consented to and wanted by Sole.

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