BREAKING NEWS: Bobby Shmurda Arrested With Prison Shank

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Shmurda Faces New Felony For Jailhouse Weapon; Offered Eight Year Plea Deal In Conspiracy Trial

Bobby Shmurda is facing a new felony after he was arrested this week for obtaining a jailhouse shiv, BOSSIP can reveal.

Shmurda, real name Ackquille Pollard, was nabbed June 23 for the incident two days earlier, where he was observed being passed the weapon, prosecutors announced Thursday, the day his conspiracy trial was supposed to begin in Manhattan Criminal Court.
“The defendant was rearrested on the 23rd for an incident on the 21st,” Assistant District Attorney Susan Lanzatella said. “He was arrested for receiving a sharpened metal object.”

It’s not clear how or if this new charge will affect his other charges of gang conspiracy, weapons and drug posession. Shmurda is scheduled to appear on the shank charge in Bronx Criminal Court on June 26.

The new charge announcement came as Lanzatella offered Shmurda an eight year prison deal with five years of probation if he copped to criminal possession of a weapon.

Kenneth Montgomery, Shmurda’s lawyer, said he’d have to speak to Shmurda about the plea deal, but as far as he knew, they were going to trial.
“I was surprised by the offer,” Montgomery told BOSSIP. “It’s low for where you have a press case where you drag these kids in front of the camera like they’re Public Enemy Number One.”

During the hearing, Shmurda’s conspiracy trial was pushed back to October 2015, because the prosecution needed more time. He has remained locked up for the past six months in New York City on charges that he was the ringleader of the GS9 gang which terrorized Brooklyn. The incarcerated rapper will be tried separately from his codefendants, and his trial is expected to last two months.

The rapper appeared briefly in court, wearing an orange jumpsuit and winking at his mother in the audience before taking a seat, surrounded by court officers.

Security was unusually tight to get into the court room, court officers set up a security checkpoint outside the court room, and searched the public before they were allowed to enter.

Also at the hearing, Shmurda’s codefendant, Chad “Rowdy Rebel” Marshall, rejected his plea offer of seven years in prison and five years of probation.
“My client is not interested in a plea deal,” Marshall’s lawyer, Javier Solano, told Judge James Burke.
Marshall’s trial will also begin in October.

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