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10 Stars Who Lost All Of Their Talent

They say that Father Time is undefeated…and eventually it does catch up to all of us. One day we’ll be great, the next we’ll lose all the skills we once had. It happens. These celebrities felt the same fate and lost their talent in the blink of an eye. Sad.

Mariah Carey – Her voice is wrecked. And it’s damn sad to watch.

Tiger Woods – He can barely hit the damn ball anymore. It’s been sad to see his decline. It’s probably mental at this point.

Eminem – He raps like he doesn’t know there’s a beat playing.

Lil Kim – Jail does a rap career good sometimes. In Lil Kim’s case, not so much.

Pinky – She did a pole tour and couldn’t quite keep the jiggle going and it’s not the same anymore.

Alicia Keys – She can’t even hit those high notes anymore. Did you see the BET Award slander?

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Katt Williams – He’s been getting booed off of stages across America.

Eddie Murphy – He doesn’t even want to tell his jokes anymore. It’s like he was never a comedian.

Diddy – He was good at two things: dancing around during rap songs and avoiding jail time. He’s failed at both in the last week.


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