*Update* Lauren London Tweets in Response to Bossip: “I’m Very Happy”

- By Bossip Staff

Within hours of posting today’s baby shopping story, Lauren tweeted about her supposed happiness which we here at Bossip took to be directed at us. Pop the hood for the tweet:

Lauren London may not be happy about her pregnancy with Lil’ Wayne but that’s not going to stop her from getting her shop on. She was recently shouted out on Twitter about stopping by Kim Kardashian’s baby boutique Smooch.

“So I was browsing twitter pages here and there and came accross Lily Adel’s Twitter page. Lily is Kim Kardashian’s buddy that run’s their store Dash out in Cali. She’s pretty much the store manager/associate/concierge/do-it-all…blah blah you get the point. Well if you’ve watched the show, I’m sure you know that they also own a store in the same strip mall called “Smooch”. Smooch is a store exclusively for babies/toddler wear. Well Lily sent Lauren London the following update saying,

Lauren of course, did not reply to Lily’s tweet.

Now here’s my thing…Obviously the Kardashian family is only inside the store when they are filming otherwise it’s run by a regular staff just like every other retail business. So why would Lauren stop into Smooch and not Dash when the stores are literally two doors away from each other? Obviously she wasnt in there shopping for herself because if that was the case then she would have stopped into Dash and not Smooch. Feel my drift?

So what I’m thinking is that the Kim K & Co. probably blessed Lauren with a Friends & Family discount so she could go in and shop for her little bun in the oven. Honestly I dont see what other reason she would show up for at Smooch unless there was a motive such as a discount involved or maybe a box put aside for her…because otherwise she can pick up baby clothes just about anywhere.

We’re not mad at Lauren for getting her homey discount on. We just want to know if she’s shopping for a boy or a girl.


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