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Claudia Jordan Speaks On Rickey Smiley Firing

Claudia Jordan recently visited “The Breakfast Club” to dish on her departure from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”

According to Jordan she has no idea why the show’s previous host Ebony Steele was let go:

No one really understood why she wasn’t there anymore. Including myself. She was dope.

and told a story about being asked to eat in a different roombecause it “annoyed” Rickey:

It’s true. We all ate breakfast every day. But then one day, I was told that it was annoying that I ate and that I should eat in the other room….I was pulled aside (by one of the producers) and said ‘Do you have to eat every day?’ I said, ‘I prefer to eat every day’. I thought it was a joke. And some days he (Rickey) was extremely nice.


And as far as rumors that he had her fired because she was “funnier to him”:

I don’t feel like I had a chance to be funnier than him. […] Don’t bring a zebra on and be mad when it’s doing horse s***. […]I remember being told to be the voice of reason then Rickey said, ‘no, no, no, let this motherf**** go, she goes. And then I weet and my Twitter blew up. And then a couple weeks later, itw was like ‘you know you don’t always have to try to be funny.’ I think the numbers weren’t high on me. […]I felt like I was a horse at the Kentucky Derby and the gate’s right there and I want to go but the gate never opens. I’d like to show this audience what I’m capable of.”


Hmmmmmmm…..So what does Rickey have to say???

Hit the flip.

Rickey previously had this to say to Rolling Out:

“Claudia is a friend of mine. We’ve been knowing each other for 15 years. She came to do the morning show, and the company signed her to a one-year contract. Claudia did not leave ‘The Rickey Smiley Morning Show’ a day before her one-year contract was over. I don’t own the radio station. I own ‘The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,’ but I have people that I have to answer to that own these radio stations … so we have to deal with general managers, program directors, and the owners.

When people collectively decide that they want to go in another direction, and they say, ‘it would probably be in your [best] interest because here is some research and some numbers,’ we have to continue to give the listeners what they want, and when they put out research that shows what the listeners think about the show, then we have to listen. But I want to thank Claudia for her contribution to the show. I think she gave us her best every single morning. She was very nice, and very pleasant to be in the room with, and we wish her the best. It was nothing personal.”

Hmmm…do YOU think Rickey had her fired???

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