10 Days Throughout The Year Where People Shouldn’t Have To Go To Work

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10 Days That Should Be National Holidays

We work too hard in America. We really do. We don’t have nearly enough holidays and vacation days. For instance, some other countries require at least four weeks of vacation for employees. America has no such laws. However, we can petition for more holidays. Here are 10 we’d like to suggest.

1. The First Day Of School – You haven’t slept. Your kids are up first thing in the morning. And you’re a zombie. We should get the day off to make sure we get them to school and recover.

2. The Day After The Super Bowl – The Super Bowl lasts until damn near midnight and literally every warm-blooded American is watching it. Is anyone even ever productive the day after? Nope. So why bother?

3. Birthdays – Take them off. You should never have to work on your birthday.

4. 4/20 – This may seem childish but hey, it saves companies in the long run because they don’t have to worry about replacing the Cheetos in the break room so quickly.

5. Tax Day – Nobody likes tax day. It’s the absolute worst. We’re depressed over our money and don’t want to go to work to get more money taken out for taxes. Just let us mourn our money in peace.

6. Election Day – You want us to vote but won’t get us the day off. How, Sway?

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    7. Daylight Savings Time – We’re losing an hour of sleep! Let us sleep it off, dammit.

    8. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve – Most companies adhere, but for those who don’t…get with it!

    9. Cinco De Mayo – It’s a celebration of an entire culture. Let’s do it right.

    10. The Season Premier Of ‘Empire’ – No…?

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