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Down Low Detective Exposes Gay Pastors On Facebook

A man going by the “Down-Low Detective” has made it his mission to expose secretly gay men on Facebook and one of his first cases is a pastor out of North Carolina. Jesus take the wheel!

Via All Christian News:

While some churches are now accepting of openly gay pastors, AME church reportedly isn’t one of them. Pastor Henrico White of the Weeping Willow AME church in Charlotte, North Carolina, has been recently ousted, and at least one man is seeking White’s resignation.

Markeith Rivers, an openly gay man who describes himself as “not a wolf in sheep’s clothing – I am just a wolf,” claims to have been having s*x with the pastor. Rivers says that he believes it is wrong for White to have s*x with him and then get up and preach from the Bible on Sunday.

To make his point, Rivers made a s*x tape and told White that he would release it if he did not step down from his position as pastor. contacted Rivers at the request of church members to see if this was true.

The truth was verified. Rivers said, “I am not a p*rn star therefore I have no desire to post the video online, but I have shown this video to deacons from Weeping Willow and they both confirm the man in the video was their pastor.”

He offered to show this video to the media for confirmation:

Rivers is planning to protest the pastor at the church and is willing to go so far as to post screen shots of the video around the church. “That man needs to be exposed,” he said.

Rivers has made it his mission to reveal pastors who live “double lives – hooking up with gay men on dating sites – then preaching as if nothing happened.”

Two local pastors met with Rivers and encouraged him to call off his protest while they moderate and investigate the scandal. When asked to let due process play out, Rivers is said to have replied, “Due process for what? You know Henrico is gay – you know your pastor is gay!”

Church Folk Revolution (CFR) Baltimore Bureau gave their analysis of why the deacons and elders don’t want the pastor to go. Apparently, Henrico White has a history of drawing a crowd wherever he pastors. With the crowd comes money, and with money comes prosperity and freedom from debt.

The “down-low detective” provides more photos and videos of the pastor, including a screenshot of a Skype meeting the church elders begging him to stop his exposure. Hit the flip for more as well as a message from the Pastor of Weeping Willow Church next…


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