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Guess how much gwap Mike Vick gots now???

A little over half a milli!!!

Michael Vick raked in over 120 million dollars during his NFL career … but he currently has less than 550k to his name … this according to newly filed docs in his bankruptcy case

The NFL star filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2008 …. claiming he owed over 20 million dollars to creditors with his assets dwindling due to his infamous dog-fighting scandal and having lost numerous million dollar endorsements

Vick has made a miraculous comeback … signing a 6-year 100 million dollar deal in 2011 with the Eagles … which has helped pay off a huge chunk of the people he owed money to in the bankruptcy.

Vick’s bankruptcy case has been active since 2008 … attempting to pay off all the debt. The NFL stars cash flow isn’t looking too hot at the moment with him only having $538,889 in his bank.

The ex-NFL star had a total of $806,117 in the beginning of April but at the end of June – minus all of his expenses and payments to creditors – he was left with only $538,889

Based on court records … last year Vick had over 2 million in his bank accounts but paying off all his debt has left his with next to nothing leftover

However, the biggest update in the bankruptcy is Vick has finally settled with the last creditor in his case. This means all the debt he owed to the various 50 creditors has been handled … which means his bankruptcy will be coming to an end after nearly 7 years.

It’s gotta be a great feeling to be freed from the shackles of bankruptcy!


All the documents on the flip



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