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The Most Famous And Ridiculous Mansplainers Around

Mansplaining: when men try to explain equality and diversity to women. It’s the most annoying, privileged thing in the world. But men do it all the damn time and here are the biggest culprits. Just stop, fellas.

DL Hughley – DL Hughley is one of the worst culprits of mansplaining, telling women what they need to do all the time. Remember, he was explaining to Black women why they shouldn’t judge Rachel Dolezal.

Steve Harvey – He has a whole book and movie series about how women should act. His whole thing is about telling women how they should proceed with life.

Matt Damon – The video of him explaining diversity to a Black woman makes us want to cringe and curl up into a ball.

Todd Akin – He explained that women can’t get pregnant from rape because their bodies don’t work like that…que?

Tyrese – He’s always talking about what women need to do to get men..for why?

David Banner – We love David Banner, but he’s doing a lot of mansplaining lately.

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Dr. Umar Johnson – He’s come under fire for trying to explain things to women and tell them what they need to get men and be true to the cause or whatever.

Ice Cube – His defense of his lyrics…explaining that some women are actually b****s was mansplaining at its peak.



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