Slay Knowledge: 12 Things You Still Never Knew About Beyonce

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12 Things You Still Never Knew About Beyonce

Beyonce has her hive of fans. They love her and worship her at all times. But even these fans don’t know everything about her. So to help you with your stanning, we have a few things you never knew about her…even now.

Her favorite pizza is extra tomato sauce and jalapenos. Go figure.

She’s an accomplished writer, apparently. She wrote an article for Essence that won her an award for the National Association Of Black Journalists.

Her favorite makeup is mascara

She’s 5’6″ tall exactly.

She spazzed on 50 Cent for him allegedly clowning Jay Z in public. This is according to 50 Cent so who knows.

When she was a kid, she used to charge $5 for people to come watch her sing. Young business woman.

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    She’s actually allergic to most perfumes she sells. Gotcha! The actual perfumes she wears are specialized for her skin type.

    Her pregnancy announcement holds the Guinness book world record for most tweeted about moment per second.

    This picture has been spread around for years showing Kanye beating Beyonce at Connect Four…however Bey is allegedly the champ and is incredibly hard to beat.

    Her voice is technically a Mezzo Soprano. Go figure.

    She lost 20 pounds in 14 days to get ready for Dreamgirls. For the role, she only consumed lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water.

    She records every interview she does so it’s impossible for her to be misquoted.

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