Faux News’ Douchebag O’Reilly Says Obama Is “Sympathetic” To “Cop Killing” #BlackLivesMatter

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Bill O’Reilly Suggest2 President Obama Endorses The Death Of Police Officers

There is no end to the copious amount of bull$#!t Bill O’Reilly is willing to spew about our President, our country and most infuriatingly, African-American community.

After President Obama showed his support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement by explaining (for the 50-11th time) to the pinheads and morons exactly what the activist hashtag-turned-hot-button is truly about, O’Reilly hopped his lily-white azz up on Faux News to talk more s#!t about the POTUS…

Gotta give Bill credit for this, he has an uncanny talent to twist, pervert, and misrepresent the truth in favor of his divisive, ratings-boosting narrative.

Eff this guy.

On the next page, you can see President Obama’s reaction to Republicans like ol’ Billy boy who just can’t seem to find anything good to say…

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Damn, we’re gonna miss this man…

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